Gov Whitmer hypocracy and stupidity

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  1. Huey Rider

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    We remember on Memorial Day weekend when everything was shut down, she opened up the city where her vacation home is so she could go up and have a graduation party for her daaughter(Group gatherings were verboten at the time) and her husband tried to intimidate a marina owner to get their boat in the water. Now, while she opposes the southern border fence to keep illegals out, she’s building a $1 million fence around her place on the tax payer’s dime.

    Now she says anyone participating in any sports activity or exorcising MUST wear a mask! Even when physical and respiratory therapists say that’s impossible due to it restricting the proper intake of oxygen.

    What a Dumb tweep.

    There’s also allegations that half the money that was slated to “fix the **** roads” (her campaign pledge) has been used to fund protests and riots.

    Interesting times we live in, Kemosabe.
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  2. TXplt

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    Guess I’ll have to amend my responses based on her stupidity.

    I’ve been using the following more often since we went full blown commie and I’ve taken more of the opt out of the insanity position personally:

    Bull...t (sometimes with modifiers like ‘that’s a lot of’ or ‘what a load of’). Tends to end the conversation with weak minded snowflakes and they leave me alone.

    The old standby of ‘NFW’ (again with modifiers sometimes like ‘ya...NFW am I going to do that’).

    Now I’ll have to add ‘F that’ to my repertoire.

    As in ‘you need to wear a mask when participating in sports’

    ‘Ya.....F that.’

    Full stop and done :)
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  3. Ten Man

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    Apply wheel chocks. :usa2:
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  4. Ranger4

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    "any sports activity"?

    I have supported the wearing of masks from early on. The idea of sharing the respiration of other people breathing out at 16-20 times per minute indoors surely will increase the risk of me getting a strong enough dose (whatever that amount might be) to get a bad infection. Recently having a family member die from Covid 19, with zero health issues and contract tracing putting the source in Rapid City or Deadwood where there were zero controls, masking or anything like that, I support indoor masks as much as ever. Trump is just quoted at 1:18 on Fox as having said, that you can simply walk through an area where it is present and get it.... and from prior jobs I have had, I believe in the risk of aerosol spread from simple vapor of the breath, just like any flu or virus. Likely how all those nursing home residents and meat packing plant workers got it.

    That being said, wind is your friend. Note:
    1. A 5 mph wind, dissipates your breath and moves it over 7 feet per second.
    2. A 10 minute jogging mile is 6 feet per second.
    3. Breath droplets and vapor are heading toward the ground at 32 feet per second. Pretty darn quick from mouth to dirt.

    My point is that anyone outside exercising is pretty unlikely to take in a whiff of infected air before it hits the ground. And you are not likely to get it from the dirt.

    We have 2 grandsons we are watching play football every Friday night. The kids huddle but do not touch. The ball is snapped and every kid on the field is 5 -20 yards away from where they started in a few seconds before. As they move back to line the breeze moves the air all over the field, and vapors or droplets have long since hit the grass. Now think about soccer, volleyball, or baseball, all outside in the wind.

    I am not going to trash anyone I see with a mask jogging if it makes them feel safer, fine by me. I respect their right of choice. Kind of like those people that carry 3 guns for self defense, I see no reason for more than 2, but that is just me. LOL

    But this Governor has no evidence at all that outdoor masking during most outdoor sports is saving anyone or spreading the disease. Indoor gyms and health clubs, sure, no problem. But she is discouraging one of the most important things that people can do during these times of high emotional distress. If you are crammed arm to arm like say on a beach or like Sturgis, I can see the risk, but traditional outdoor sports, I think she is nuts. And the masking on private fishing boats is beyond nuts. And my key point, she is not just discouraging it, she is mandating it. So, if they have jogging police how will they catch you? Chase you down on foot? Good luck with that. Wind is your friend.

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  5. shop tom

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    I can't see Whitmer serving more than one term as Governor. While her base is all behind her ant the Covid #s seem to be tolerable, her heavy-handed mandates and "I know more than you" attitude is not going over well in the hinterlands. But then again, she only sees the urban and metroo areas as being important, and these are the areas the could elect her again.
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  6. JamesAPrattIII

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    Mayor ledfoot of Chicago has the city block she lives in surrounded by police. They call it Fort Lori
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  7. Huey Rider

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    Seems she can’t handle Th exact that bimbo just had a rally here and just a hand full of people showed up but Trump just had one also and drew a huge crowd. So now she has decreed that no more large gathering are allowed. Her hypocrisy arises again.

    Right now there are 4-6 recall petitions circulating.Not sure of how well the signature collecting is going. We’re tired of her BS.
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  8. shop tom

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    The people in Deetroit just love her.
  9. jwrauch

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    Sounds about right !
  10. ChaZam

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    Hopefully then a focused recall effort rids you all of her problems.
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  11. Huey Rider

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  12. Ten Man

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  13. reverendg

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    The petition to fight her abuse of power got 400k signatures already, 340k certified makes it actionable. I don’t think even Detroiters are that fond of her, they got the worst of the shutdowns and regulations.
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  14. Ranger4

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  15. Cyrano

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    New York
    You guys need to break out the tar, feathers, and a rail.
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  16. Ten Man

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    Do you think those numbers are facts?
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  17. Ranger4

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    No, but they were presented in the link for our consideration of the recall movement. I might believe 1%.

    I now have 15 family members by marriage in Oklahoma confirmed with it, one deceased. I have a cousin and her husband in Oregon, one hospitalized but both OK now. 17 people I know, who live in 6 different locations. That is a pretty broad spectrum so not just some far fetched risk to me.
    [​IMG] The published numbers suggest Michigan is about 10 from the worst states. If you believe them.

    I do think the numbers matter but I googled it and it did not find a serious challenge to the Michigan numbers. FWIW
  18. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    That is a very high number of personal contact members to have gotten COVID-19. It seems unusual.
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  19. rando

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    I know many, many people and not just in my area but in many states. I also have a very large family scattered around east coast states. I have only heard of one friend that got the Covid because she worked in a hospital and also My sister and her husband. I am not sure even if they had it because they were told by a doctor but I dont have much trust in doctors these days. So a total of three I have only heard of.