Grand jury: 3 police lack training

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    Kinda of scary... Read these police officers arrest history...dui auto theft...not very promising.

    Grand jury: 3 police lack training

    By Jason Garcia, Mark K. Matthews and Monica Scott | Sentinel Staff Writers
    Posted May 14, 2002

    TAVARES -- The police officers who killed Mascotte City Council member Steve Allred during a traffic stop were inexperienced and lacked training, two critical factors that put some blame for the shooting on the officers and their departments, according to a grand-jury report released Monday.

    "While all met the legal requirements to be police officers, we feel that more supervised on the job training is needed," said a report by the Lake County grand jury, which last week cleared the officers in the Feb. 24 shooting death.

    "Had the officers involved had more experience, this situation may have been handled in a way to have avoided the death of Mr. Allred."

    Of the three officers involved, Groveland Officer Sander Smith had spent less than 10 months as a full-time officer; Larry Shane Mowery had been an officer for less than a year; and Guillermo Gonzalez had landed at the Mascotte department after being fired from the Osceola County Sheriff's Office because of a DUI arrest.

    The Groveland and Mascotte police departments aren't alone. Throughout Central Florida, small police departments have become a haven for officers fired or forced out of their last jobs. Some have criminal records; most don't have much experience, according to an Orlando Sentinel review of personnel records at 14 police departments in Central Florida with fewer than 25 sworn officers.

    Dozens fired from jobs

    More than two dozen of those officers have been fired or resigned under pressure from a previous law-enforcement job. A number have been arrested for various crimes; many have lengthy lists of traffic violations.

    One Groveland officer is at his third department since 1997, after being fired from Tavares and Sanford. In Orange City, a sergeant with an auto-theft arrest has been reprimanded for everything from failing to take prisoners to the county jail in less than six hours to spending time with a woman who flashed him while he was on duty.

    In Edgewood, which has 11 full-time officers, an officer was reprimanded nine times in a two-year period for falsifying time sheets, viewing pornographic Web sites while on the job, disobeying superiors and shooting at an unarmed motorist. He resigned under pressure.

    And in Howey-in-the-Hills, nearly half of the eight-officer department was fired from other law-enforcement agencies. Another resigned while under investigation.

    There's not much chance of things improving soon. Small departments face a losing battle to keep their best officers.

    They pay less. They offer fewer benefits. And there's less chance to move up at a small department.

    "You get what you pay for," said Howey-in-the-Hills police Chief Curtis Robbins. Small departments in Lake, Orange and Volusia -- Seminole and Osceola have none with fewer than 25 officers -- offer starting pay up to $10,000 a year less than what officers make at the area's biggest agencies.
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    OK, so what about the city councilman's death? The clip gives no details at all about it. Anyone know what they are talking about?

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    Thank you Klaus! What about the shooting involving the city councilman. It says nothing about it! Did the dude pull a weapon or try to run the officers down with his vehicle? What caused it. ! This article makes no point what-so-ever. Heck, there are plenty of rookie cops out there (which the article states could have been a reason for the death of the councilman), but nobody comes into this job for the first time with experience. I have a buddy who shot a man to death during his third day of training. Yes, he was inexperienced, but experienced enough to know that his life was in danger.

    Small dept's are a haven for young rookie officers. I was one of them at one point. i would like to read the circumstances involving the death of the councilman, then arm chair QB it around.
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    Ill pull that part up..and post it today...mainly worried about the criminal records..