Grandfathered assault weapons?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rave, Sep 22, 2002.

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    Do you know what they are? Thay are prizes to some and a waste of money to others.
    Thay are the weapons imported or marked between 1989 and 1994,this includes 1990-1993. these weapons if equiped with at least two evil goodies(pistol grip,folding stock,flash hider,etc.)are grand fathered in as legal assault weapons(semi-auto,)and can be bought,sold, traded,just like the pre ban,pre 1989 that is.But they are not worth as much.You can add or subtract any goodies as you wish. To those who don't care about those goodies they are a waste of money as they usually cost at least $500.00 and you can get a stripped parts AKM cheaper.
    Personally I like some of the goodies such as a blast cone to divert the blast away from my already screwed up ears to save whats left of my hearing,(One can't always wear ear protection.)
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    The '89 ban affects only imported shotguns and semi-auto rifles. The '94 ban affects all semi-autos but has shorter lists of features and is more definitive, rather than just handing power over to ATF, and also affects magazine production.
    Sometimes guns made before this ban are of higher quality, sometimes they're not. Some are available in different configurations, some are no longer available. Oh yeah, and there's also the 2000 ban, which is just an unlegislated expansion of the '89 ban to prohibit hi cap rifles from entering the country, hence no more thumbholed MAK-90s, and the emergence of single stack AKs.

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    Well heck G3,at least we tried to stir it up a bit!:D :D :D