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    Just received possession of my grandfather's heirloom Winchester Model 12, 12 g, full choke takedown shotgun. Nice figured dark walnut, nice checkering with normal dings and wear and one repaired crack in the stock. There is a gold inlay on the bottom of the stock with his name engraved. Ser 489606. Any idea when it was produced? I'll get pictures up on Monday.

    My brother just got it back from a gunsmith who did a nice cleaning and replaced the rock hard recoil pad (did a lousy job of that unfortunately)
    oh, I'm assuming 2 3/4 inch shells are appropriate. The leather takedown case that I remembered seeing when I was a kid fell apart according to my brother so I stuck it in gun sock for the time being until I order a case.

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    You are correct about the shells. Your shotgun is from 1927

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    Good Score !
    I love the Model 12's...
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    The model 12 is one of the all-time finest shotguns made. I had a 1958 vintage Trap grade I sold, and a 1957 vintage 12 ga. field grade. Most of my hunting is waterfowl, so with the advent of steel shot, I had a vent rib Hastings barrel with screw in chokes installed by Gander Mountain. Also have my father in-laws 16 ga. w/polychoke and 1920 vintage 20 ga. You will be happy with that gun.
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    30 odd years ago I remember my brother and I and went rabbit hunting (well it was an excuse to get out and roam around, not much hunting occurred) and he used the shotgun then and he says maybe once in every 10 years since he would 'go shooting'. Don't know what he used shell wise, steel or not. I likely will not shoot it, but would keep a box of 00 around, just in case. I need to plug it, I think, or is that only if I take it out hunting? I'll have to check the laws. I will get that recoil pad mess cleaned up though. Again, pictures Monday.

    I had inherited my grandfather's engraved pocket watch (he was a jeweler so it was very high quality and very nice condition) and traded it for the shotgun. My brother had started a pocketwatch collection and I started hunting and messing with guns again so it was a natural.
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    Model 12's were not designed for Steel shot...and a plug is only needed if hunting with it.
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    I snagged my 1959 model 12 at a gun buyback for 200 bucks. The model 12 is what I learned to shoot trap with and it is my favorite shotgun. Take that, ye Kalifornia Kommies!
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    My grandfather used this going duck hunting. He lived in Chicago, but I don't know exactly where he went. 30" full choke barrel is a long sucker!

    You can see the bad job on the recoil pad. I'll get it ground down but it wasn't a good fit anyway. Takedown case on order from Midway.

    ah, I do have a question. what is the little button just behind the trigger guard for?

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    it releases the bolt, thats when its time to unload. hold the button in and shuck the shell out of the chamber.
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    Nice looking shotgun !! We have a 16ga in our shop that has the 2 9/16" chamber. Would have to shoot 2 1/2" shells.