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  2. id think a double barrel stoeger would be much better, easier to operate by far

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    I have a 870 youth 20ga. It's a nice little shotgun. My 12 yr. old daughter can handles it with out any problems.
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    Well, She was looking at my stepdads Raven .25 today and really liked it. She Said it was easier to pull the slide on that than to pump the youth mossberg. He even offered it to her for $70. Thats a good $180 less. Which one do you guys think? .25 Raven or 20 Guage? I'm leaning towards the Raven because of the friendly price tag. Plus she said it was more comfortable in her hands.
  5. My own personal opinion is that I would not trust my life on a .25 ACP....sure its better than nothing I would go with a .22 Mag revolver. The .22 Mag has a lot more knock down power than the .25 ACP.

    Something like the Taurus M941 would be ideal. Cabela's -- Taurus Rimfire Revolvers
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    Is the .25 really that weak of a round? If anyone's got a video of its stopping power I'd like to see it. Not that I don't believe you guys I'd just like to see for myself.
  7. Well here's some other peoples opinions - The .25 ACP for personal defence - nHunting Discussion Forum

    The .25ACP gets about 60 FT LBS of energy at the muzzle from a little pocket pistol like the raven.

    The .22MAG would get about 150 FT LBS, give or take a little, from the Taurus snub nose revolver above. The .22MAG will get 322-360 FT LBS of energy from a rifle depending on the load.

    In my opinion the .25ACP is a sorry excuse for a defensive round...
  8. I posted a picture of the NEW Mossberg 510 mini at Jeremy's Grandma thread the other day. I can't wait to see them on the shelf, I'm pretty sure you want be able to find one for a while, maybe this fall.

    I'll keep checking a source that sells to gun dealers only and see what cost and the retail price is.

    Looks like Mossberg has another winner.
  9. Hmm the .25 is a good round if she really wants to make the attacker mad other than that it is useless.
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    Well, I toold her about the .25's power according to the information you guys have provided. She is going to buy the .25 first. THat way she can have something to carry around and she can be taught easier with something that small. After that she said she's going to get the Mossberg for home.
  11. the .25 will kill someone, its just that that round has always been kinda a last ditch round, usually someone would go to the .25 or a boot knife :)

    but it will go bang, but id rather get a .22lr, as the .25s have been known for jamming alot, just a finicky thing

    i like .25s because the size of the guns that shoot them. not sure why i have always thought little pup guns as being fun, would i trust one.......nope

    id get a .32 over a .25, or a .22lr
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    20 GAUGE!

    I'd take a .25 over a .22, but seriously, I'd rather have a knife than a .25.

    I know Grandma isn't quick and strong enough for a knife, but my point is that a .25 is TINY. She needs something that has AT LEAST a 50/50 shot of putting a guy down in a shot or two. I daresay a 20 gauge (with 2&3/4" buck shots) has better than a 90/10 chance with the first shot.

    If she REALLY wants a small auto, stick with .380 or larger, and in the .380, get the nastiest rounds available. You'll hear a lot of talk around here about wether or not the 9mm, is big enough (the consensus is that it is) and the .380 is the same diameter and half the speed.

    $75 may be a bargain, but I'd bet that much that it won't fire a full magazine with out a jam. I know this is true of my $90 Jennings .22. I have yet to find an ammo, and I've tried a few, that it will feed a third shot on.

    If you really want a super small .22, try to make a .22 magnum. They still 'don't kick' and have a little over 2x the energy of that .25, and are available in TINY guns.

    Those little guns seem neat and fun and cute and easy to handle, but they sacrifice a LOT of power.

    Get the biggest thing she can handle, cost aside, it will pay off if she ever needs to use it.
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    .25 tops out at about 100lbs of energy (that's about what my little sister can punch when I call her fat), .22mag tops out at over 300lbs of energy. A .380 can put out around 300, and the 20 gauge throws out (off the top of my head) over 1,000 lbs of energy. Shotguns have incredible energy and a spread of impact. This is what makes them King of home defense. Check it all on Wikipedia and ammo manufacturer sites.

    Don't forget a Saiga 20 gauge either, 10rd mags, and semi auto. I'd help you find one within your budget. No matter what you get, don't be shy about help with ammo.
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    Alas, I'm too late.

    WELL, get some very hot nasty ammo and make sure it feeds, clean the gun thoroughly before and after shooting, and come back here for help if there are any problems with it.
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    Well, I'm going to try and talk her out of getting the .25 first and going with the shotgun first. I mean, my stepdads .25 isnt going anywhere. And I just got her to agree. First she gets the Mossberg.
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    ^ Smart move!But if her preference does happen to be a .25ACP,choose the ammo carefully.Put ".25acp defensive ammo on your search and study it thoroughly.They make +P ammo for a .25acp and there is a hollowpoint at about 1700fps that we tried that in my opinion would be as effective as some of the .32cal ammo.Whatever you choose,make sure it works in the gun you choose.I believe a 20ga is best,but never would say a .25ACP was useless.They have some very good ammo now adays,the same as they have ammo that takes the "kick"out of a 20ga.. ,,,sam.

  17. The .25 gets about 60lbs of energy from a little pocket pistol like the raven. Out of a rifle the .22mag would get a little over 300lbs of energy but out of a handgun it would get about 150-175lbs.
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    Kind of hard to put the ballistics of a .25acp coming from a 2"barrel against the ballistics of a .22WMR coming from a 24" barrel and call it fair.While the .22WMR will still beat the .25ACP by a decent margin with equal barrel lengths,it brings them closer together.I have carried a High Standard derringer with 2"barrels in .22WMR a lot varmint hunting and have often used a .25ACP for the same purpose.The difference leans toward the .22WMR but with some HP,s in the .25ACP the terminal effect is marginal.Of course,this is on animals usually not over 4" or 5" thick.Still the advantage seems to lie with the .22WMR.I really thought the soft lead bullets in a .22lr hv had better terminal ballistics than either of the other cartridges with jacketed bullets when using very short barrels.As stated,this is on small (rabbit size) game/varmints. ,,,sam.
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    on such small targets the difference in velocity is off set a little by the difference in diameter. They'll both produce an exit wound, and therefore both stand a fair chance of putting down the little critters.

    .22mag really makes up the difference on humans because of the difference in penetration.

    Still, in a given barrel, I understand that a .22mag produces about twice the energy of the .25 ACP.
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    Good idea.

    If she still wants a pistol, there are lots of nice options, but if HOME is her primary concern. . . I still like the shotty.