GREAT NEWS! Gray Wolf Delisting Across the Lower 48 Announced Today

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  1. grizcty

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    Great news for ranchers, farmers, land owners, state rights and hunters. :usa:

    Trump Administration Announces Gray Wolf Delisting Across Lower 48

    Today Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, and Director Aurelia Skipwith of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the gray wolf will be delisted across the entire lower-48 states.

    “Today’s action reflects the Trump Administration’s continued commitment to species conservation based on sound science and facts,” said Secretary Bernhardt. “After over 45 years as a listed species, the gray wolf has greatly exceeded all conservation goals for recovery. By delisting the gray wolf today, we can return management of wolf populations to the states.”

    The Department of the Interior and The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognize the invaluable contributions and efforts that sportsmen make toward wildlife conservation efforts. A press release from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about today's action states:

    "Fish and wildlife conservation depends on federal partnerships with states, landowners, and most importantly sportsmen who directly fund – to the tune of $1 billion last year alone and more than $23 billion since inception – conservation efforts by purchasing hunting and fishing licenses, fishing tackle, ammunition, boating fuel and other recreational items."

    The press release goes on to say:

    "The gray wolf final delisting determination is based on sound science, a thorough analysis of threats and how they have been alleviated, and the ongoing commitment and proven track record of states and tribes to continue managing for healthy wolf populations once delisted."

    BigGame Forever strongly applauds today’s decision to fully restore state management authority over Canadian gray wolves in the lower 48 states. This decision is a critical next step to protecting and restoring abundant moose, elk, and deer populations across America.

    It is because of your efforts that the gray wolf has been delisted. Thank you for all you have done and your continued support.


    Ryan Benson, President
    BigGame Forever
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  2. Gray Wolf

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    Nobody told me that I was going to be delisted!
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  3. Jaison

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    You come on over to my place, Brother Wolf. Blue fox and I have a spot for you.

    Long live top-tier predators! Huzzah!
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  4. Jim Bridger

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    The Wolves had been delisted in Wyoming for many years. When Obama entered the White House he stopped Wolf harvesting in Wyoming. That was because Obama was a serious outdoors man.:D:p When Mr. Trump became Prez he reinstituted our Wolf controls. :usa2:
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    Sure you do, little fellas. ;)

    "Long live top-tier predators!"
    The Grizzly IS a top predator! :cool:

    Peace River Trail-Cam Br. Bear.jpg
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  6. runfiverun

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    de-listed as in I don't need a 364 day tag anymore?
    or de-listed so everyone else can hunt them now too?
  7. goat roper

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    Delisted as in you don't have to bury them after you shoot them anymore.
  8. Dragunov

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    Listed.... De-listed... Doesn't matter. I'll shoot every wolf I see, without prejudice.
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  10. blaster

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    now if they would de-list the Fla. Panther. for several years now the biologists have been saying the panther population is at carrying capacity.
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  11. Jim Bridger

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    The "Big Cats" were varmints in Wyoming until the late 1970s. The state house found that they could sell the license for Cats. Now you must pay to to play. We have had a number of deaths from Big Cat attacks A 15 year old boy was killed and carried off South of my place. His body was never recovered.
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