Great stories about your favorite hunting/fishing trip

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Oxford, May 5, 2002.

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    Everyone on this thread knows that the name of this forum is Guns&Game.Com. I've read lots about "guns" but very little about "game."

    I'm suggesting that this thread start something about game. For instance, I'd be very interested in hearing from you guys about your experiences hunting all kinds of different game. I'd even include hunting fish (ha). I'd bet there's some great stories about your favorite hunting/fishing trip. There's always something unusual that happened and that's what keeps us going back.

    What's your story?

    One of mine was when I went quail hunting and took my Browning Sweet 16 ga shotgun and my 1911A1 Colt 45 pistol as a back up. (ha) Now my uncle kept looking at me like I was crazy to have that 45 around but you never know when you'll need it. Hell, there could have been rattlers there in Kansas where we were hunting. You have to know that he was a WWII veteran and that gun represented something besides a quail gun to him.

    I was looking for quail as well as a place to target shoot. I kind of spooked them (quail as well as my uncle) that day but got lots of plunking in and a few quail as well (with my 16 ga). Probably scared most of the quail away but personally I had a fun day.

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  2. My favorite was not really a hunting trip but just a plinking/rabbit shooting trip. We came upon a water trough for the cattle and sitting on the edge of the trough were about a dozen quail. They were all lined up perfectly. My brother walked around to get a shot and fired once with a .30.30. It was a perfect shot and the bullet traveled through the whole row of quail. There were feathers floating down for 20 minutes and not one piece of quail bigger than a leg.

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    Last years "deer camp" will always stick with me. My first year deer hunting...Well, opening day got up early, got ready with everyone else. Headed for my deer stand(ground blind built out of logs). Followed the trail that takes me 95% of the way, then turned in the woods. My stand now is probably around 100 yards away from me-staight in. All I should have done is follow a really old jeep trail in about 75 yards, and walk up a slight hill, and there would be my stand. I thought I would circle around though to avoid walking through an area I thought deer would be passing through(to avoid leaving my scent and so on..). Well, that was the dumbest thing I have ever thought of...Well at, probably 4:30-5:00 AM, in the dark cold woods of WI, I apparently do not have the navigation skills I thought I did. I spent the next couple of hours walking/wondering, where the h*ll am I??? As the day went on, it got brighter out, and I found a really old jeep trail, that was pretty grown in, but a trail non-the-less. That eventually lead me to a main trail, that, I found out, was the one we we're camped on, a ways away...I had a great time, compass in hand, rifle in the other. Wearing my cold weather gear(it probably got into the 40s-kinda warm to hike in a big winter jacket in) and lugging around a stool, rifle, and a pack of goodies-food, drink, etc. Eventually figured out where I was, hiked back to my stand, and got there around 12 or 1. That was half of the day wasted. We'll, at the days end, hiked back to camp, and boy, did they all get a laugh out of my story. Just one of the many...Hope this wasn't too long, that hike was though!Now I know what grunts do for a living;).

  4. not really a hunting trip story either, but it was the first time i took my friend Kevin out shooting(shooting guns larger than a 9mm glock), he shoots my SKS, then asks to shoot my Mauser98k so i say sure, takes aim, fires, round hits 1 of the 12"X6" pieces of steel, holds the rifle away from him admires it for a sec. or 2 looks at me and says, "I've gotta get one of these!!!" 2 weeks later i take him to pick out an unissued M48 w/ all the accessories.
    He hasn't looked back since!!!