Great the people who should be wiped out are now protected.

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    Great the people who should be wiped out are now protected.
    Wednesday, June 26, 2002

    WASHINGTON — Call it another sign of the times: The first of 20,000 gas masks — enough for all lawmakers, their aides and other employees and even tourists in the event of a chemical or biological attack — have begun arriving at the U.S. Capitol.

    One-hour training sessions for congressional employees on how to use the quick masks will begin next week when lawmakers are out of town for a weeklong July Fourth holiday, Capitol Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer said Wednesday.

    "It's simply an escape hood, it's not meant to do any work," Gainer said of the devices, explaining that the masks are intended solely to protect employees and visitors just long to evacuate the Capitol and nearby office buildings in the event of a biological or chemical attack.

    The mask includes a yellow hood that fits over the head with a plastic face covering, a nosepiece clamp and a fitted mouthpiece with a filter attached for stopping chemical gases and biological agents. The masks are used by paramedics, firefighters and police officers who first respond to emergencies.

    Gainer said the devices, each costing about $100, are good for two minutes up to an hour at filtering out anthrax spores or toxic gases, depending on the temperature and how hard a person is breathing. The masks are ineffective against radiological agents, he said.

    The masks will be stored in each congressional office and at all entrances to the Capitol and its office buildings. They would be issued only upon an alert and police officers will be trained to quickly instruct tourists and other visitors on how to put them on, Gainer said.

    Capitol Police officers have been equipped with the masks since 1997. After anthrax letters addressed to lawmakers were discovered in the Capitol complex last fall, additional masks were ordered for congressmen and senators.

    Gainer said a decision was made to order another 20,000 of them because the Capitol already has been subjected to a bioterrorist attack and would be a likely target for another one.

    "It's just being cautious," he said. "There's not one shred of information that ties this to July Fourth or any specific threat."

    Anthrax-tainted mail sent to the Capitol last fall killed two postal workers.

    Before the terrorist attacks, about 10,000 visitors walked the Capitol's halls on a busy day. Some took guided tours, but many roamed freely.

    Then came Sept. 11 and anthrax, which frightened away many of the city's visitors.

    Returning tourists are finding the Capitol a much more security-minded place.

    No more self-guided tours of the building, for example. About 1,000 people take the public tour; others take private tours arranged by congressional offices or see only the House and Senate chambers.

    Outside, concrete barriers and metal posts now ring the sprawling Capitol grounds. Another 700 officers have been added to the Capitol Police force. Security is tight around a construction zone on the east side where a $368 million, three-story visitors center is being built underground.

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    I would never go to D.C. in the first place. Our capitol city is an embarrassment with the restrictive gun laws high crime rate and crack smoking mayors. Anyone dumb enough to visit that city needs to know the risks involved and if something bad happens to them so be it.

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    I always thought that anthrax scare was a crock dreamed up by the Democrats and the leading left wing media elites to make it look like they were enemies of the terrorists and therefore targets.Any thinking person knows that they always support our enemies and our enemies know that to be a fact,they are not about to hurt their supporters,if that doesn't make sense to you think about this,who gets all the interviews with our enemies that can't be found by anyone else?Those poor postal workers were just pawns in their game,heck,they don't open their mail,some civil servent does it,the elite are never in any danger,you can count on THAT!And furthermore,while I am on a roll,Washington D.C.,NYC,LA,and a score of other major cities all belong in the same cesspool!There,that ought to do it!
    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!:mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Keep our guns and ammunition ready.

    U.S. Capitol authorities will take care of themselves first. So what's their plan for the rest of us taxpayers? Guess we need to keep our guns and ammunition ready in spite of those who are critical of our preparedness.

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    One hour class eh!

    I used to teach M.O.P.P. Takes a lot longer than an hour. Oh well didn't need those folks anyway.
  6. We should take care of our leaders first.--After all they are the only intelligent life forms left after a disaster. We can trust these people to help us out.:throwup:
    Yeah and I look like Fabio.
  7. HAHAHAH that was good Alan!!!
    Yeah the elites are in no danger from "terroists" or anthrax, ect.. they will always be taken care of, but as their power continues to grow, and our rights become more and more a thing of fiction, i wonder how long it'll be till we have this guy in office!
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  8. Jessie-8mm Vigilante--Your attachment made me laugh--bravo.
  9. Well i do aim to please!