Greek 5.56X45mm = problem brass

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    I bought a buss load of some Greek ammunition under the name Olympic Ammunition for what I thought was a real good price. I started feeding it to my AR and began having all sorts of feed jams and ejection problems. At first I thought the problem was in my AR but after checking all the mechanics and specs on the AR, Ive determined it is a brass issue.

    The trouble showed up as case jams in the chambe and failre to extract. The rear of the cases are usually expanded. I was told these are classis signs of 'over gassing' the bolt carrier causing a premature ejection (please, no puns on that one!) of the case while still under pressure from the spent round.

    It wasn't until a good friend and gun guru tried some of this junk in his AR and had the same trouble. We then tried it in a bolt action and had the same type of issue.

    The brass is so thin on this stuff it gets massive expansion.

    We did find out that his full auto FN just sucked it up an spat it out because of the opened tolerance of the chamber on the FN.

    So, if you chamber tolerances are tight, look out for this stuff. It could cause a lot of angst for you.

    Olympic Ammunition. 5.56X45 SS109 62grs SR4.4 boxer primer

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    I think the manual for my bushmaster says not to use this stuff in it.