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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Ok I done went on and on about the problems getting the stock to take stain..covering up to cosmolin..ect.. Welb the more coats of Jacob Bean stain I put on the more it looked like I painted the stock black whit shinie paint....welp was playing around in the rage and grabed a can of OD Green Camoflage paint and sprayed the stock..The barrel, mag assembly and misc parts were reblued....I actualy kinda like it..Ill post a pic of it.
    Im sure this will get a few paint is evil replys..never minded input...

  2. toolman

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    hi bob,looks good,don't worry about the nay-sayers,as the song goes:you can't please everyone so ya got to please yourself! along the same lines,i've got an sks w/fiberglass stock that i sanded and primed then sprayed w/gray granite finish from wal-mart then covered with satin clear to waterproof it.looks amazing-as good or better than a lot of the so-called "tactical" finishes i,ve seen.don't have photo capabilities yet due to keeping my toys fed but maybe soon. keep 'em smokin'..toolman

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    Its unique, I'll give you that much. I don't love it, then again, I don't hate it. If you like it, then good enough. How hard it is to strip/sand a stock and refinish it? I have been thinking about doing it to my M-44, just for something to do. Its not in the most beautiful condidtion, but its not a piece to hang on the wall either. Maybe I should of started a new thread.....


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    MY mouse must not have liked it...mouse died..try accessing the forms useing what a pain...G# striping is not the problem..the original finsih is kinda of a oak..hony pine type color...the problem is the darn casmolin which in this case was realy the diffrent post people seem to try everything short of prayer to get the stuff out of the stock...I usealy go for darker colors like Mahoany or Cherry stain...puriest would say boiled linnen seed oil...right now my plan is to see if I can talk wifee poo into an AK-47..because I realized I dont have a true S-hiting the fan rifle...hi capacity..rapid reloading urban warfare type rifle...The last few toys is costing me a 4 day/3night cruise for her and my 23 yr old got to ballance $$ for guns vs $$ wife wants in exchange...but I also plan to get a cheep mosan..and just experamint with about every theory Ive read to get the stock light enough to refinish to original type color....I believe once a process is found that it will free the rest of us from bondage...hehehehe Have to see how the $$ goes...darn bills...Boss lady let me get 65 hours the last few weeks so some OT will of course be donated to SOG...Hummm wounder if I could trade them the wife for a Mosna...about the same age hehehehehehe
  5. Calvin

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    You could have a problem with the trade, Bob. Most trades involving a wife usually means putting up extra money for the trouble. As far as the MN goes, it looks pretty good with a green stock. Unique, if you will.
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    Just make sure you don't drop it in tall grass!

    Naysayers or not, I think I still looks great...not the first time russian guns got painted...during the Crimean war, the russians painted their stocks black for low visibility.
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    This trading the wife thing aint offored 2 camles and a goat from some arab guy...SOG said Id have to pay Shipping and Attornys fees if I traded so thats a no go...bummer...hummmm maybe I can refinish my wifes stock....little touch up reblueing... boy if she ever reads this Ill be sleeping in the gun room...and its a closet..heheheh