grenade laucnher sight

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by psycho dad, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. psycho dad

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    i cannot get the release to work for my grenade launcher sight. there is a release that can be pushed down, but it will not move over into the release position to allow the sight to go up. i do not want to reef on something and break it. any suggestions
  2. Big Dog

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    Sounds like your gas cut-off may be corroded or gunked up. Mine had some gunk in the gas tube, but I cleaned it and it has shot well since.
    You might try removing the gas tube and use some penetrating oil in the gas valve.
    I'm still trying to figure how to use the grenade sight. It's not as intuitive as that on the MAS49/56.
    Does yours have the night sights? I've read that not all Yugos have them.

  3. psycho dad

    psycho dad G&G Newbie

    thanks for the infor, i will try that. i learned from auto repair do not reef on something, either reserach it or ask somebody. there is a reason it is not fucntioning properly. i have a night sight on this sks, the grenade lauchers has increments on it like a normal sight only farther distances. the night sight is just behind the grenade sight, which flips up and down. a good info sight is i just bought this rifle about three days ago. it looks newer than the new remington shotgun i bought about four months ago.
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