Greta tears Allred up!

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  1. Yea, heard about this. Sorry I missed it when it happened. It's all over the internet now I'm sure. lol.

    And the left will say Gloria won the argument and the right will say Greta won.

    And how much you want to bet the illegal won't ever be deported now?
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  2. Well,

    a long time ago I lost all respect for and interest in Gloria Allred.
    She is one of those people who lives for the fifteen second soundbite no matter what the person or issue involved.
    It is just one designed for the media client after another.
  3. neophyte

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    Greta 1; Gloria -0-
  4. grizcty

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    Gloria does something like this, during EVERY election cycle.
    This woman is a shill for the Dems.

    I hope this "ILLEGAL" is deported!
  5. I watched with enjoyment last night as that ambulance chaser got put in her place.