Ground Zero mosque okay by Obama

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    Why am I not surprised? - Obama's Support for Ground Zero Mosque Draws Fire

    This is another case of Obama turning his back on the American people to pursue his agenda of conciliation and apology. As the article states, the mosque will be run by someone who blames the US for the 9-11 attacks. To support this man, his ideology, and the mosque, Obama is demonstrating an appalling lack of an understanding, sensitivity and respect to real Americans.

  2. I still say Obama should be tryed for treasen. The man shows no respect for our country and runs it as though its his job to put America down in the gutter (he thinks it should be ) because hes a POS that should never have even been able to run for office. I still dont understand how so many people can be as ignorent (yes I used it, no im not liberal lol) as to vote some one in who does not have Americas best interest at heart. He is not in office to serve America, he is in office for America to serve him, he says so through his actions. Remember in November.

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    First let me say I don't agree with or even like Obama....That being said, we all must remember one of the founding ideals in this country was freedom of religion. You can not make it illegal or even ban a mosque,temple, or church from a specific area unless it isn't zoned for that purpose. To ban that mosque would be unconstitutional right from the get-go.It flies against "freedom of religion". It might be a Baptist church next, or a Lutheran church, a Roman Catholic church,or a Jewish temple.Where do you stop?... Ok, I'm ready to catch hell for my statement.... I understand the feelings of the American people, of which I am one, but the law must be blind, and not rule on issues from the sympathy aspect. ( and that's too bad).
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    I realize that there is freedom of religion in this country,but there should be an exception to the rule in this case.I don't believe any other religion has tried to fly planes into American buildings and killed over 3000 innocent people.Nor has any other religion declared war against us calling us infidels.
    I'm not giving you hell,just voicing my opinion.:veryhappy:
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    I haven't read a lot of stories lately of Baptists,Methodists,Catholics or even Buddhists killing thousands of innocent people. I would like to see more Muslims around the world condemning the Radicals and helping in their capture and executions.
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    I'm not busting your chops either, but religious freedom aside, this is a major slap in the face to the American public. By him condoning this mosque, I personally feel he's saying it's ok to come into our backyard and take a dump. This is our country not theirs, if they want to build a mosque, let them do it in their own sandbox not ours.
  7. We really need to rid this country of people who would take our wonderful system and use it against us, and that's how they are burdening it down so bad it collapses, then chaos rules. This organized criminal treason, bust them with RICO.

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    IT seems like our government wants peace no matter what the cost. It should not cost us our country's respect and peoples feelings.
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    I think they should all bend over and kiss rosie, and get out of a country they can NEVER understand. We will not drop to our knees, and we will not bend to their demands that we follow their crazy ideas, and we will NOT allow them to stone people in the USA!!!!!!!
  10. Preach it brotha!
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    This is AMERICA. :usa2:
    I will NEVER bend a knee, to them.

    If they want to throw stones.
    At me, my country, or my family.
    I can throw lead ones, back at them.:handgun:

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    I just want to thank everyone who posted here after my comment that I applaud each and everyone of you who kept it civil. I knew I could voice an opinion,( not necessarily mine), and view grown-up comments. To everyone, I agree 100% with everything that was said. I guess what I was trying to say was if you ban something based on emotions, etc, then what is next...Our country was/is based on tolerance, but of course, when do we say, "enough is enough"..I wish other countries shared our ideals.....I'm a flag-waver.. I have a flag holder on my 1940 Olds, that holds 5 U.S. and MIA flags.. I fly my flag everyday from my porch, and on Memorial Day, my front gardens are surrounded by flags.. I plant red,white, and blue flowers in my gardens, with the wife's help. I would gladly serve with any of my brothers/sisters here, and give my life so you may live a better one...Thanks for letting me say something I read, and provoked me into some thinking....All my best, Loren.(.22hustler).
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  14. So next time someone uses a certain gun to kill a bunch of people we should ban it too? Saying this mosque should not be allowed is the most Un-American thing you could ever do. Also trust me christians have killed many many hundreds of thousands of people over the years. We as Americans cannot be such Hypocrites as to ban this mosque then say we fight for "freedom". It might **** you off that its there but it is their RIGHT as an american citizen.
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    When a religion that condones the action if flying planes into 2 office buildings killing thousands people, then wants to place a religious building next to "ground zero" (the mosque in this case) as a, what, peace offering? Apology? That is an insult to anybody regardless. If they want peace, then they can stop trying to blow themselves and everybody around them up whenever they have a grievance with somebody or country.

    As of Christians killing people over the CENTURIES, If they were Christians and followed what Christ taught, they wouldn't be really killing anybody. When Christianity was "institutionalized" during Constantine's rule, it was used to subvert the "heathens" and maintain the Roman Empire. We also see how that ended along with the Grand Inquisition. That's why religion, though a right, should not be a state requirement regardless of what it is. Religion is fine. Cults are a deviance from whatever branch of religion they are from. IMHO, from what I've read of the Koran, Islam is a cult.
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  17. The point is to build a Mosque On the place where thousands of people died is an insult, no matter what any one says. We are not saying they cant build there mosque but to build it there, on the site where thousands died because of muslim extreamists flew one of our own airplanes into those buildings and many many other muslims DO condone it is beyond just an insult. Im sorry but nothing else other than a Monument should be built on that site.

    How would you feel if my brother came over to your house and killed every one in your house by blowing up your house. Then I come over and tell you I want to build a house in your front yard and tell you that theres nothing you can do abou tit. How would you feel? How would you feel, to know that me and every one in my family living in that house hates you and are proud that my brother (hypothetically) Killed every one that was in your house that I know built my house on?

    Im not trying to be rude but do you understand my point. Every Muslim I have ever met was rude to me and acted as though they hated me. For them to come into this country and want to build a Mosque on the site where some of there "brothers" flew 2 planes into 2 buildings and killed thousands is ubsurd! And the fact that our President is all gungho for it just makes it worse.

    And as for "Christians" killing people. Any one who actually fallows Jesus's teachings would not do what those people do. As a matter of Fact most of those things that were done by "Christians" that you speek of were of the Roman Cathlic Church that also killed other Christians because they did not agree with them. And if you do your research the Roman Cathlic church was started back when the Romans discovered that after Jesus Died how many people were "converting" to the beliefs of Christ. So they took the christian "religion" and the Romans pagon beliefs and mixed them to keep the locals loyal to Rome and not to Jesus as much since they saw this as a threat.

    I Do not meen to affend any one here who may be roman Cathlic, so please do not take affence. This religion was used in the past as a tool and a weopon to gain what they wanted. Many of these may have truelly believed in what they were doing but I guarantee you that many of them were not, they only played along to gain more power.

    The thing that does irratate me is that every one groups christians as one religion, when in fact there are quite a few denominations. Personally I was raised baptist and I take the bible literally. And Those who "killed" in the name of christ should re-read the New Testiment.

    Im sure im ganna get flamed for this one.
  18. There are different sects of Islam just as their are different sects of christianity. I am friends with quite a few Muslims and they are not Terrorists, nor do they condone terrorism. My main point is you can't take someone's rights away just because it angers you. Im sorry but as much as them putting this Mosque there really angered me I know that as americans we have to let them do it as it is their right.

  19. I understand what your saying, but honostly I dont think nothing else than a monument to those who died should go there. EPECIALLY a mosque.
  20. I agree that it shouldn't be there but we also shouldn't stop it. As much as i hate to say it, it is their right.