Ground Zero Mosque

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  1. If we really want to stop that mosque at ground zero What we should be doing is talking to the unions, Nothing is built in NYC without the unions. All it would take is getting the right local to say NO and we win .

  2. FortyXDM

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    I worked in New York during a truck strike (I was with Airborne Air Frt.) in 1973. The teamsters local 101 was pretty much in charge. I am thinking that no one in NY or Jersey will do anything on such a project.......or let anyone else !

  3. PAPA G

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    they will build it, anything for a buck.

    mmmmm, how about a HOT PORK sammich truck, with fans wafting the smell at the door:147:
  4. Windwalker

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    John, that's a good idea but it seems to me that the unions are backing Obama who is for the mosque being built there.
  5. danf6975

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    no they are backing a 300% pay increase im betting. cant work without the unions but even the unions know with the amount of money that will be thrown around , if they dont do it , import workers will.
  6. surgicaltech

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    You want to see a holy uprising? Bring in scab labor to build that mosque.
    Those unions will go nuts.

    SKS NOOB G&G Evangelist

    Then that would be a 2nd slap to the face and maybe the one that sets most of NY on fire.
  8. FortyXDM

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    The labor union in New York is is their New Jersey counterpart. These guys think like family. Many had family members die on 9/11. They will not do the work. And anyone who thinks they will stand back and let some non union workers come in to New York and build it.......has at least one more think coming.
    Hide and watch.
  9. big shrek

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    Screw the unions, tak to the Mafia :D

    If the Italian & Irish mobs can't burn it to the ground, they've got nothing left.
  10. PAPA G

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    not to forget many Union construction workers rushed to help did out the survivors and the dead. i do not beleive they were paid for that.
  11. BarryHalls

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    This is what I expect, violence against the mosque.
  12. SKS NOOB

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    .....and an endless supply of finger pointing. At the government, the people, and the islamic community.
  13. Lotta broken windows, eggs and graffitti gonna go on that mosque if they build it.
  14. BarryHalls

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    ^^ Indeed, you would think they would realize that it wasn't a good idea.
  15. We could always open up a bacon and beer buffet right next door.
  16. SUBMOA

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    I wonder what a yard of concrete would cost . I know that after the special shipping fee to a 9-11 zone if it was my company supplying it I would think it rather costly at least $3000.00 a yard.
  17. And they (the media) will point there finger and say that that even though they put it in a place where the majoraty didnt want it, and say that those people are racist and most likely try them for hate crimes.

    I agree that will problubly happen but they will most likely ignore the fact every one didnt want it there in the first place.