GTA IV - Insane "outrage"

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    Just...just read this first: Jack Thompson Reaches Out To Take-Two Exec's Mother | Game | Life from

    It's frankly sort of deranged.

    You know how we talk a lot about our culture and how parents need to take responsibility for the media their children consume?

    I would say guys like Jack Thompson do not help intelligent discussion at all. In fact, I think they damage it considerably. Any valid concerns we might have about M rated games getting into the hands of kids (I'd say if a kid can't see an R rated movie, they shouldn't be playing an M rated game) are totally lumped in with the psycho here.

    And here's the part that, as a gun owner, I have a real problem with.

    "There’s another mother you would do well to talk to. Mrs. Crump in Alabama had a son who was a police officer. He’s now dead because a teenaged boy unwittingly trained himself to kill him on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."

    I barely have words enough to express my outrage and anger at how he not only has no idea what he's talking about, but at how he crassly uses the tragic murder of a LEO to further his own sick little attention-mongering "crusade".

    Now I'm a gamer (don't have GTA IV yet...may get around to it, never my favourite series) and I shoot. Playing a game with a controller in no way helps my shooting. Not one iota. It doesn't help my aim. It doesn't help me with tactical exercises and movement. It sure doesn't help me reload any quicker. I mean, if this stuff was of any value whatsoever, I'm pretty sure the military and law enforcement would be using those specific tools for training. But I've seen some of the training sims used...not the same style of interaction at all.

    I guess the only thing that scales at all is operating remotely-piloted/driven vehicles. I know some of the controls for the patrol and bomb defusing robots are starting to resemble game controllers since game developers already did all the research on efficiency, intuitive operation, and ergonomics.

    Oh yeah, for those of you who are Christians, he also compares himself to John the Baptist.

    I'm just amazed. This is low, even for Thompson. You know he threatened to have some guys arrested once for making a several thousand dollar charitable donation in his name?

    - Coeloptera
  2. He's a weenie. I remember as a kid when they were having Congressional hearings into comic books, and how they were warping our little minds and turning us all into rapists and murderers.

    Exactly how does one "unwittingly train himself" to kill police officers on GTA?

    There was a case in our paper yesterday about a 16 year old and 17 year old, who videotaped themselves assaulting and robbing Hispanics, from taco-cart pushers to younger kids on skateboards. One of them says on the video he does it because one killed his father (who was undoubtedly a gang banger himself). The DA wants to charge them as adults, and the grandfather of one said, "How can they do that? He isn't an adult. Why, he doesn't even understand what's happening to him."

    Umm...doesn't understand that his sorry butt is in jail because he was running around beating up people and robbing them? Thompson would probably say that's because he plays video games; I'd say it's because he was raised by POS's like his granddad, who didn't instill any sense of right and wrong in him.

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    Hmm so i didn't read all of that, but I will say i don't like GTA IV at all, several of my friend have it and frankly it is not worth the 60 dollars it costs. I would rather go buy some ammo. All the GTA games are a bit overboard IMO. It seems to be pointless to run around and rob and kill random people on a video game. whats the point? it is just the same thing over and over again in every GTA they make.
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    See, this is part of the problem. While you can do that in the game, you aren't compelled to. You can go straight to the story missions if you want and skip the mayhem.

    There's actually a pretty nuanced story to this one and in fact, if you try, you can apparently get through with minimal violence. Running around assaulting random characters actually won't progress the game at all.

    Frankly, it's catharsis. People watch violent movies, they watch boxing, they watch MMA, they play violent games. We come from a long line of hunters and savages. Those old instincts don't just go away when we don't need them. May as well work them out in a game.

    - Coeloptera
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    My buddy found that article on Thursday or Friday. I didn't bother reading it but he gave me some of the highlights. That Jack guy is a total nut and will say anything to keep in the media's spotlight.

    In regards to the game, I'm waiting for the PC version which will hopefully come out by turkey day. The game is fun but not groundbreaking anymore. I do like taking out the gang bangers. :D
  6. I'm not speaking from direct experience with this particular game; I've never even seen Grand Theft Auto. But I've certainly killed thousands of people and monsters on Age of Empires, Stronghold Crusader, World of Warcraft, Clive Barker's Undying, etc. You know what? It doesn't seem to have instilled any urge in me at all to go kill real people, any more than a lifetime of laughing at the violence in Warner Bros cartoons did.

    My two sons play shoot-em-up video games regularly, and it doesn't seem to have desensitized them to real violence either, or blurred the line between reality and make-believe for them. I can see an obsession with violent games being a symptom of a kid with problems, but I seriously doubt the problems were caused by the games.

    Think about hunting. When we teach our children to shoot animals, does anyone here seriously believe it undermines their respect for human life?
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    your last sentence

    troy2000: Sir; have you, or anyone seen a child cry after taking an animals life?
    That certain level of emotion, unknown taking place? Knowing that life was taken.

    I've wondered what these "children" that take human life feel or think

    The melodrama; blame game
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    What I find amazing is the tremendious amount of outrage these games generate from some folks!:bigeyes:
  9. If playing games or reading caused people to kill, then any Christian who studies the Bible would kill people.
    Teaching a child to hunt also teaches the child to respect the life of animals.
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    New York
    You know, most of the folks I known that have taught children to hunt, teach them to respect the spirit of the animals they hunt the same way the American Indians do. They don't go as far as performing rituals at the site of the kill the way Indians are supposed to have done, but they do teach them respect. They also teach them to use all of the animal they can. And you know something? The kids get it. I strongly suspect they have more respect for life in general than kids who don't hunt do.
  11. I have played all of the GTA games so far and I have never gotten the urge to go kill people. I find the characters to be dumba**es to say the least and I would never want to be like them. and you guys are right, I have never been able to learn any tactics or how to shoot using a controller. they are not even comparible to a real firearm. I hate how people associate video game violence with people murdering others. as long as a 12 year old is not allowed to buy an M rated game, there should be no harm. the main reason somebody would kill another is because of a poor home life, the usual "dady is in prison and mommy is a cocain addict" type.
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    I used to watch the coyote blow himself up and go off cliffs trying to catch the roadrunner. Also saw daffy duck get blown up a few times, not to mention all of the things that happened to Sylvester trying to eat the tweety bird. As far as I know I didn't turn out to be a psychotic misanthrope. I kind of miss those cartoons--the ones I see now don't have anyone getting blown up or fighting, everyone's happy in the end, and they all have some kind of "point." (well, I guess Popeye did eat spinach...).

    In case we're missing it, instilling a sense of right and wrong and raising a kid is up to the parents.
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    i dont beleave that a kid trained himself to kill on gta vice city, im a gamer and iv played vice city plenty of times and in no way does it teach you how to kill. the only game i can think of is any of the hitman series games(my favorite) which i could see someone traning off of this but its highly unlikely, i do not think games make you violent
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    i think the first time i got to play a grand theft auto (Gta) game i think i was like 12, i will be 18 in a couple of months, and never has i ever had to erdge to kill anyone in real life. blaming games for violence is just a way to shift the blame off of the parents and onto something else.

    "is incredible interactive violence aimed at police officers (whom you can shoot in the head and see the blood spray),"
    the violence is no way aimed at police officers, i find it much better to avoid them when playing.

    "The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame."
    doesnt that say its the parents resposibilty to raise children to not kill people. thats the way i see it.

    "your son claims you raised him to be "a Boy Scout." More like the Hitler Youth, I would say."
    so he is comparing someone who made a plastic disk, to a man who tried to take over the world, rid it of jews, and is responsible for more deaths than any other man ever.

    p.s. im not saying that anyone at anyage should play either, it is and adult game.
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    Darn right. The game, if anything, discourages law-breaking. 5 stars and enough time running away and they call the National Guard on you. You do not want police attention in these games, you usually can't beat them.

    Oh, I also found out GameStops, at least, have been carding people since the game came out. No sales to anyone under 18. Of course, the average age of a video game buyer is well over 30.

    - Coeloptera
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    I find it sad that the media chooses to bicker over a video game, when there are far more serious matters at hand. I think we should look at the number of people who WON'T commit a crime after playing this game.
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    There are so many young(and old) people in this world that should not be exposed to these kinds of "Games" and other things such as hunting/shooting because of their upbringing or lack of it. It is a valid argument.
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    Well, it's a great game. Car jacking and running from cops, being apart of the mob scene, etc, is fun in the game, because it's illegal and very wrong to do in real life. I agree, some unstable kids probably shouldn't be exposed to the game, but I also feel that if they're going to do these things in real life, they don't need the game to influence them. It will happen anyway.
  19. And how do we sort out the ones who "shouldn't be exposed?" We really can't at the video store; the game would have to just be banned, period.

    Kind of like there are people in the world who shouldn't be trusted with guns, so...