Guess who is joining the Air Force

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  1. That's right, your truly is going to be a paramedic in the Air Force reserves. I am a medic now with Rural Metro Fire and have decided to same in the reserves. I live 20 minutes from a huge AFB and I can get a lot of additional benefits and perks all for doing what I am already doing for Rural Metro Fire.
  2. uh i dunno Mike from Ohio?

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    Bless You- for you will be needed..!!!
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    Beer Forever: Sir; commendable and honorable. :)
    As the ''Cali gal'' said; you're needed.:)

  5. I don't know about that, I will just be a reserve, but thank you. I am getting married before boot camp to boot!
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    Welcome to the club! I spent 7 years at that big AFB :)
    Good luck
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    That's Great !!!

    Thank you in advance for your service.
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    hey way to go!! congrats on geting married and thanks for joining up! your doing a great thing and as a medic to boot! i respect all people int he armed forces but it takes a extra big set of balls to carry medical suplys instead of a rifle in a battle!
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    That's awesome BF. Thanks for taking a step to serve our country.
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    Great job,
    And i wish you the very best. It is good to know that folks like yourself are what makes the U.S.A. a free country.
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    Way to go and Congratulations !
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    Good luck! I was looking to be Pararescure in the U.S.A.F. Those guys are heroes. I think it back when, what was her name? Lynch? I forgot first name. But when they were getting the video of her getting rescued, they looked like army, but patches indicated Pararescue. I have so much respect for those guys. Anyways good luck!
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    Congrats and best wishes on the upcoming nuptuals and a thank you for your call to service. Don't short-change your "reserve" status, all who serve are important and deserving of respect.
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    Thanks for serving!
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    Good luck and thanks for serving!
  16. Thank you all for the support. I can't wait, it is going to be hard to be away from my wife for that long, but at least I'll get some sleep. :burnout:
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    No you won't.:no:

    On the bright side, it goes quick.
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    good luck

    good luck in your future in the AF, I was there 35 years ago, regular AF. used to be if you were in the guard or reserve you were safe from getting called up, now a lot of our combat troops are guard and reserve and if W decides to attack Iran like I think he will, we wont have enough troops to fight, I think the draft is in the near future.
  19. Good for you!! :burnout:
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    Congratulations, you have my full support, and I wish you the best of luck.