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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Rooster, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. Rooster

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    Guys don't take me wrong on this subject but why are there so many posts for humor and politics ( some of which have nothing to do with guns) and nobody has anything to say in all the other forums on this bb? We have so many forums that deal with so many aspects of shooting/hunting and the like but some have nary a post on them or the post are so old there stale. Some folks just love to post for the posting of it ( which they have every right too) but we need to post some things on some of these topics.
    Maybe we need to remember why this bb is here and post some on what we each enjoy. We're all pro gun and have a similar interest even if it may be a different disipline.

    This isn't a flame but meant to see what others interests are. I guess I should follow my own posting advice:D
  2. Gun Room -- for whatever tickles your fancy. In other words general B.S. on any topic.

  3. MarkII 22

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    We do need to post on other boards more.
  4. Rooster

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    Yes alan the gun room is for whatever but look how many forums are not used at all. I bet if you could look at which forum had the most posts the gun room would win by a land slide by far. It just seems that we've gotten away gun stuff. I've kind of steped back from some of the discussions because of not being too related to guns. We seemed to have turned this into a humor and political forum. I'm all for free speech and to each his own but personally if I want to discuss some of the topics I've seen here I would look for a more directly related bb.
    I've done my share of BS at the local gun shop and even some that aren't local, so they do have there place here.
    I'm not adverse to any of this so please don't look at this a flame or something I just wanted to throw it out there to see if it was just me.
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    Ok alan let me thank of something.
  6. Chris

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    well honestly, I think this is an on going thing, not something that has just happened. Before we moved to this software, anyone could post which may have been more aof a turn on for people, but I like this system and the way it works.

    so maybe your "BS" posts has just now being noticed more, but I like it either way!
  7. MarkII 22

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    I'm working on it alan.:D
  8. Rooster

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    I don't think any post here is BS. I think you misunderstood me. This bb, just like a gun shop, or my old barber shop has topics unrelated to the subject. I would just like to see more posts in the many forums that are available. I've gleaned a lot of useful information from some of this posts and am glad for the most of the discussions. The system is fine.
    Didn't mean to get under any ones skin.
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  9. MarkII 22

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    Dont worry Rooster you dident.:)
  10. Oxford

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    I believe the forum system is working great.

    I'm with you, Chris, in that I believe the new software format is working just great.

    And I can understand Rooster's stand, too. I'm one who uses about five forums but about 95% of my posts are on the Humor Forum and the Gun Room. Originally, before the new format, I used the 03A3 forum about 95% of my time but very few posts are made by anyone there now. The newly installed forum on knives/cutlery could be a good addition. I'm using that now, too.

    Obviously, everyone has their own favorites but it seems that nearly everyone eventually gets back to the Humor Forum and The Gun Room. I don't see any problem with that system.

  11. MarkII 22

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    It's not the system there just not alot of post on the other boards. That could change tho.
  12. I don't know if it's because we have discussed all there is about every gun covered in this forum or not. But that seems vertually impossible.

    The general gun forum is useful and I support it (in the form and manner intended).

    But I see, and others have to also or they're blind, that some people just post for the sake of posting and the substance to their posts couldn't be figured out if their post stood alone.

    I remember back just a little while ago when I reached 600 posts and was called a 'noob' (newbie) by someone with 1200 or more posts when the only thing that individual has ever done was argue...point fingers......put down people........never, NEVER, ask a question but always has an answer (we have names for those types).

    When you look, I was an original subscriber to this forum and was a member for some time before it changed over from Chips, Lars and the rest of the gang.

    So, the fact I have just over 700 posts....well, I don't give a d a m n because I rarely post just to add numbers to my numbers.

    I post to what I feel to be important and more than just one sentence posts. I ask questions because I know I don't know what all I would like to know.

    I think it's time to quit posting just because. I make my point known and I go on....I don't banter back and forth afterwards.

    These posts where it goes back and forth like a tennis game gets old.....real quick.

    I mentioned in a suggestion to the Admin....and I am still going to persue it.....that when people bombard the gun room with needless BS then the serious questions and issues get lost and are pushed off the 'view new posts.' Personally, I am getting tired of logging on to 'view new posts' and seeing the same dang thing being hashed over again and again.

    I would praise those I respect publicly but it would lead to another arguement by those I don't respect in here.

    I know you guys could give a rat's butt, but I am about ready to move on down the line because this forum is no longer longer a place to get gun related questions longer a place to share...but rather a place that is quickly becoming a forum for persoanl grievances against each other.

    Speak your mind....move one.....don't drag a post out for 50 + replys rehashing the same dang old chit.

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  13. PAPA G

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    i'm with Dale on this. also some one has a legitimate question because they are in unfamiliar territory, and thats understandable.someone else has flogged us to death about carry guns, and still hasn't a clue. i may read 10 posts and respond to one or less, i only respond to things that interest me. and i WILL NOT respond in an area that i have little or no knowledge in. don't ask me whats the best skinning blade to use on an elephant, cause i don't know and the general forums is one size fits all, and everyone will fit in. so do not bemoan the lack of postings at the other boards, add something to them. a while back i made a query about CAI's 1911 types from the phillipines, and not nary a response, so i move on and i am!!!!!;) ;) :D
  14. wes

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    I'm with Dale and Papa too, I won't respond to a question about CAI's on the Garand board,because I know better. There are some people on this forum I won't respond to either,because I just don't like their condescending attitude. Other than that,I do like to hear other's opinions,makes me think sometimes. I don't care for some of the posts here,so I just pass them over,and I like to try and inject a bit of humor here and there. Most of you guys are great,and I like talking to you.
  15. oneastrix

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    I tto remember when this forum was still on the old format, and how confused I was when the switch was made. I think it's better now. I think we've discussed guns until we are blue in the face. Somebeody will buy sometning new and we'll beat it around for a little while, then somebody will have a good range story, and we'll bang it around for a little while longer.

    I really enjoy this site and the contacts I have made. There's a whole bunch of intelligence floating around here. God, could you imagine if we had a big get together. We'd pick some dead horse and beat it till the sun came up! Yup, whole heap of intelligence in this forum. Sure wish I was part of that intelligence !:D
  16. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Evangelist

    I like this site the way it is. The old site was confusing for me, too.
    1*, if we did ever have a get-together, we'd have to have it outdoors, and far away from any remote form of civilization. Should be pretty obvious why.

    Papa G, I'm not planning on skinning any elephants, but would you happen to know the best blade for rhino?:rolleyes:
  17. Poulan 21 inch power chain saw perhaps? LOL

    I hope no one misconstrued what my point was because I, too, enjoy the layout and operations of this forum much better than the old one.

    And as One said we have kicked around gun issues to the point that new issues are getting harder to come by.

    If all of us went out someone could get rich by opening a lead mine on the side of the hill where we were.
  18. Dang PAPA G!

    Now who am I gonna get the answer to that question from? I was just gonna ask you that!!!:right:

    Seriously though, I think this is the most popular room for a reason. I too like the diversity of the topics posted here. Most regulars use the intended forums for the intended purposes.

    Personally I like the fact that I can come here, and just be me. An ocassional pearl of wisdom from me, backed up by a lot of foot in mouth. I also learn so much from being here, and really can get a good laugh when I need one, even if it is here instead of the Humor forum.

    But as to ony talking about guns here, that would be like eating chocolate cake, every day, morning noon and night............
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