Gun battle at Tx. police station.

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  1. 99z28monster

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    Some people are just off in the head.

  2. Pretty Stupid I'd say a gunfight right accross from Texas lawmen? What are ya thinkin????
  3. Ballbearing

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    I heard about this on t.v.. The idiot that did it was the only one that died. I wish there wouldn't be stupid crap like this happening, but if it does have to happen, I wish it would always turn out like this one did, with only the perp buying the farm.
  4. danf6975

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    welp. forrest gump said it best...
    stupid is as stupid does
  5. DWFan

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    They, as of yet, have no idea what set this guy off. He sets fire to his truck in front of the police station (thankfully the trailer full of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil didn't catch fired but the ammunition is the truck did and sprayed shrapnel in all directions) then slips off into a wooded section between the police station and the local college and begins taking shots at the police.
    Even weirder were the people that were trying to drive into the fire-fight to take pictures with their cell-phone cameras.
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  6. TACAV

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    I bet most of those people didnt even realize what was going on.

    At least this guy had the Cojones to attack a target that he knew would be armed and would fight back as opposed to some other "gun free" place like a school.
  7. SwedeSteve

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    Glad no one else was hurt !!
  8. sounds like he really just wanted to die himself

    you could always figure on hitting a target at least once if you get the drop on someone, but lucky for everyone else this was a suicide if ya ask me
  9. Windwalker

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    Just glad no one else was hurt.
  10. DWFan

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    Yeah, they did. They had Hwy 380 blocked and some were pulling into the Target/Lowe's parking lot. Others were cutting thru on the back streets to come out beside the police station. Both routes put them within 100 yards of the gunman's location. The fool that took this video actually drove directly between the burning pickup/police and the gunman to take pictures, crossing both the police and shooter's line of fire....with his wife and son in the vehicle.
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  11. what a doucheburger
  12. He wins the bum steer award. What a dummy!
  13. TACAV

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    Well in that case... im not surprised.