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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by RandyMac, Sep 8, 2002.

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    This coming Wed 9/11, my wife and I will be at our local gunshop buying some rifles. We figured it would be a good day to buy guns,lots of them. I made a deal, to get two rifles I want, I have to buy a third. The M-44, and the SMLE (for my wife) are the keepers. A 8mm Hakim comes with them. I don't know if I'll keep the Hakim, too many moving parts. Besides I can get three more Nagants if I sell it...

    So, this is how my family is observing 9/11

    Randy Mac
  2. BattleRifleG3

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    If you're going to sell the Hakim... I'm sure there are people here who would buy it from you. I would if I had more $$$$ and wasn't aiming for other guns.

  3. Randy, Randy, Randy,

    Oh're buying an M44.......dang.

    After the 11th, or whenever you shoot it, we'll not recognize you.

    Your wife and friends won't recognize you. You'll be living each day with glazed over eyes with a smile no one will understand, but you.

    Get plenty of ammunition for this addiction and shooting more doesn't calm the urges; it just increases it.

    Soon you'll be sneaking out at night to get a few rounds in.

    Then you'll be telling your boss you're ill and slip out early to get a few shots in.

    Then it's calling in for two days in a row to get some more shots in.

    By now you've become a crazed madman.......hiding bullets in socks, under the mattress.......even trying to figure out how to disguise them and your sick, sick dependence on a great and fun gun!

    Many hours of happy and safe shooting guy.....and to your wife also....yepper....fer sure.
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    Hakim sounds like some one clearing their throat of mucus!!!good idea of what to do on 9/11. me? i'll be sandbagging the drive way for when the camel jockies appear on the horizon!!!