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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by PAPA G, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. PAPA G

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    you go to all the gunshows, do the pawnshops, gun shops, you drool at all the nifty offerings. then you see it perhaps an old .22, or double barrel shotgun, or what ever. its the homely orphan. that rusted and busted ignored by everyone else. but its calling you, for some reason its attracting you. maybe its like a long lost favorite you regret selling. or just like grandpas old gun. and you have to have it. you know its no where near worth the asking price, but you had to have it. any one been there??? if i find an old stevens 15 like i used to own..........
  2. oneastrix

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    Stevens model 30 for me. Not near the in the condition to justify the price, other than the age. Wife still calls it junk! Bought a Savage copy to teach my boy to shoot on. By the way, he started walking today!!!!!

  3. You started him in the prone position first, I take it....he he he he.

    I've bought a few guns just on sight....looked different....looked neat.

    Nothing wrong with that. Who knows you might find your greatest love that way.
  4. oneastrix

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    Took me a minute, Dale, but I got the joke! lol.....

    Grenade joke. Pull the pin and let the handle fly. Takes three seconds, then I get it!

    He's ten months old. Got a few years before I let him shoot the cans with me at the ranch! Sure am looking forward to it!
  5. PAPA G

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    well Dad your in for it now!!!once them little feets get coordinated. you and the misses gonna do some big time running to catch up!!!;)
  6. for me it's a polish mosin-nagant .22lr training rifle i saw today, at a gun shop today.
  7. Logansdad

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    Congratulations 1*

    :p I been wanting a Smith 638 for a long time now...
  8. Big Dog

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    When I go to the gunshow, I'm repeating under my breath, "don't need any guns! Ammo only!" Invariably, I come across something that talks to me. I look it over, fondle it, caress it, then hesitantly walk on. "Don't need it". I look at others, but in my mind, that special one still implores me to come back. I get my ammo, maybe a scope or book. On the way back toward the door, I come back to it. Another guy caressing it! No! He puts it down - it's now or never! I pick it up, and out comes the checkbook. Dang, now I need a rifle case . . . next isle over. They know me by now. More ammo, for that caliber. Already looking forward to the range, with my new baby.
    Another gunshow end of this month - I do it all again.