Gun-Carrying Neighbors Save Women From Dog Attack

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  1. Mosaka

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    This story makes me proud to be a California gun owner.

    Gun-Carrying Neighbors Save Women From Dog Attack - News Story - KTVU San Francisco

  2. This is why I will not tolorate aggressive dogs. If Im walking down the road and a dog comes at me like its ganna attack I will shoot it. IF its in the road its me or the dog, and it sure isnt ganna be me.

  3. surgicaltech

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    That's exactly what happened here. My buddy was walking down the road on the opposite side of the street where the dog lived and wouldn't you know, that Pitbull came right across the road and started to attack him, so he shot him dead. The people tried to sue him, but didn't stand a chase in court because the dog came out of their house totally unprovoked and attacked him.
  4. toolman

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    Great story. I hope the first guy switches to a more reliable gun just in case there's a next time. A jammed gun in a situation like that is bad juju.
  5. Sounds like they need to worry about dog control instead of gun control there.
  6. surgicaltech, I wished he had counter-sued these low life....:greddy2:

    "Police were investigating the attack Saturday and requested the Solano County district attorney's office file charges against the dog owners for allowing vicious animals to run free."
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  7. surgicaltech

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    Ya know I'm not sure what happend after that. Next time I see him, I'll ask.
  8. shop tom

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    I'm surprised those with the guns aren't charged with some sort of "crime" and that the dog's owners haven't found some weasel way to sue the shooters.

    Remember when people had more rights than dogs?

    Velo-dog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  9. Rex_Lee

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    Good thing there are still a few citizens in San Francisco who still believe in owning guns.
  10. Ten Man

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    Fairfield is WAAAY outside of San Francisco. It is a more suburban area than the metropolitan city.

    As previously noted, the "gun jam" was not a good thing. Too bad he didn't get to shoot all three of those dogs. I will not own a gun that I can not bet my life on.

    Amazing that the "discharge of firearms in the city" ordinance was not invoked by the Police or DA in this case.

    Irresponsible pet owners should have NO recourse if their "pet" is killed outside of the owner's property or immediate control. I have witnessed too many incidents of ignorant pet owners letting their pets run "wild" or "free" and the animals causing destruction as a result of being out of control.

    I am a responsible pet owner, and I resent those who give all pet owners a black eye, just as I resent all ignorant, stupid, or criminal gun owners who give us responsible gun owners a bad reputation.

  11. I had a new neighbor move in last winter about the same time I moved back to Alaska. Well they have a big Newfandland. I took my at the time 3 year old son and my new puppy (whos not much of a puppy now lol) for a walk down the road. As we got almost right out in front of this house this big black newfy comes running full bore at us. So I pulled out my .380 and had it in my hand while yelling at the dog "Go hom, GO HOMe". Well Lucky for the dog the owner heard me out there yelling and came out and called his dog back just as his dog was stepping out into the road. If he hadnt of called his dog back and that dog had taken one more step out into the road it would have been a dead dog. Good news is though, when ever I take my kids for a walk or the dog I have not had any more problums with the dog coming out like that. But if I ever do and I feel as though he is ganna attack i wont hesitate to shoot that mutt.

    O and I also want to mention that my dog was on a leesh and when he is at home if he is not inside he is on the dog chain so hes not running loose either.
  12. SwedeSteve

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    I've always said that the owners need a license, not the dogs !!
  13. SKS NOOB

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    So that their dogs can walk them. :rolleyes:
  14. big shrek

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    I'll actually agree, folks should have to get a license for pets.

    So make them take a simple test first...that way they know the
    Responsibilities of Pet Ownership before they can own one.

    A bad owner can be just as dangerous as a rabid pitt bull.
    A bad breeder can do 100 times the damage.

  15. Its not the dog usually, its the owner. I have a pitbull mix and he is a great guard dog but once he gets to know you and trust you hes a baby lol but I dont let him just run around either He stays on 20 foot chain right off my point is He is a pittbull and one of the most loving dogs I have ever had...stubbern but loving lol. Hes a good guard dog and lets people know that "Hey this is MY yard what are you doing here" and does his job well. But I dont let him run loose either hes either on his dog chain, in the house or out in the yard playing with me. If I lived out in no mans land like some people "cough griz cough mooseman cough" then I would problubly let him run loose but there IS a leash law where I live so he doesnt run loose. I have other dogs come in my yard all the time and it drives me nuts, especially when they get in my trash. I think the next time it happens im ganna just put it all in my truck go over and dump it in there drive way lol, then whey they flip out just say "Hey, your dog got in my trash.....want to pick it up? Thanks :D " and leave lol......thats what I want to do any way lol.

    And I will say something, some of the nicest dogs I have ever met were pitbulls, they dont deserve half the rep they have. Just like any other dog its on how they are trained.
  16. Cyrano

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    New York
    All the pet pit bulls, aka Staffordshire Terriers, aka Staffies, I have ever met have been sweethearts. I knew two pretty well down in North Carolina and I do have to admit they were a handful. When you stepped into their yard, they come bouncing up to you with their tails going a mile a minute, put their paws on your shoulders and try to lick you to death. I learned to step into the yard, close the gate, lean against it, crouch down and wait for them to come to me. A few face-licks, some ear-rumpling, and I could stand up and walk on, with them bouncing beside me but not trying to knock me over to love me to death. They don't deserve the bad rep that amoral owners who've trained them to fight have inflicted on the breed.

    I've had more trouble with stupid miniature poodles (and that's redundant!) and Shih-Tzus than I've ever had with a Staffie.
  17. SUBMOA

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    limp wrist ?

    I wouldnt think a walther ppk to be a notorius jammer , but then Ive never shot one and couldnt say . Like you say fix the problem or get something more reliable.
  18. stinkybriches

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    its the damage they do when they bite that gives them the bad name.
    they clamp down and shake. the percentage af people who die from "pit bull" bites is way way higher than any other breed.
    non of its the dogs fault, owners are to blame.
  19. Wild West

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    I like watching people being exsersized by their dogs. I look at some and think , Look at that bitch the good looking Rottie is leading. LOL