Gun Confiscation Thoughts

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by Ten Man, May 13, 2018.

  1. MosinRuger

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    How do they know what guns we have and where they are?
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  2. Junction15

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    The real issue - in my opinion- is not so much that we will face a nationwide gun confiscation. Our children and grandchildren will.
    Big Brother knows the current generation of gun owners are going to be too stubborn and resistant to make confiscation an easy task. The Soros/Bloomberg Syndicate is working hard to chip away at our rights a little at a time....and they are not letting up.
    The Obama years, with record guns and ammunition sales, showed that a confiscation in the US will not be easy. So the game plan now is to change the culture.

    Common Core and other similar teaching methods are in place to steer the children's thinking. Also, expose the kids to more and more to violence so most see guns as being unacceptable while others use them to "get even against the bullies". Convince them the gun is to blame.
    MSM with its fake news blatantly and obviously does not care that they are caught again and again in lies. If they tell the lies long enough, eventually those will become "true". With no one being held accountable to lying, that will not stop.
    Create more "sheeple" that are dependent on the government to care for them. Under employed, low energy people will vote as they are instructed.

    No....sadly, I think our children and grandchildren will eventually just hand over whatever they are told to.
    I really hope I'm wrong on that. I know I will continue to help wherever I can, as long as I can.
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  3. jerry

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    #1 my guess is we’ll be narked out initially. Probly by family members, neighbors, “friends”
    History repeats.
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  4. Rocky7

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    There will be no nationwide confiscation. There will be creeping gun laws, more and more control, permits, fees, restrictions, limits. Serious restrictions will be begin with the guns that a lot of gun owners don't have. When the confiscations finally start, a great many people won't care because gun ownership will be such a bother by then.

    That's their plan. That's why strong gun orgs are needed. Orgs who will-not-back-up-one-inch. And that's why more us need to pony up a few bucks to support them in their fight against left-wing billionaires, university professors and MSM. Our opponents mean business. If we wait to see how it all unfolds, we're toast. Aussies aren't known as wusses....look what happened there when the Gun Zombies were allowed to get up a head of steam.
  5. blaster

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    this is why they need to register all guns first.
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  6. blaster

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    sadly, this is how I see it happening too.:(:mad:
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    Jax, Fla
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    I still think Charleton Heston put it best when he said "from my cold dead fingers"!