Gun control good idea! read and you'll agree!

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    There is a lot of talk that the constitution is outdated and the 2nd needs to go. Well lets take a closer look at this. The Constitution was written to serve one purpose and one purpose only: TO RESTRICT THE RIGHTS OF GOVERNMENT AND ITS CONTROL OVER ITS CITEZENS. This is evident in the 9th amendment: "The enumeration in the constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." (note the use of SHALL NOT BE - this is a restrictor) and the 10th amendment "The powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectivley, or the people." Self explanatory: rights of the government outlined in the Constitution cannot be used to quash other rights and those not outlined in the constitution are left up to the states(ie... the people of those states). OK if you cannot agree to this STOP reading - you are too stupid to continue. Now lets look at the 2nd amendment. "A well regulated militia, being necessary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT(uh oh there's that restrictor again) be infringed". The word "militia" (at the time written) means an average person being of a non military nature (not enlisted). "Well trained" - self explanatory. "Necessary to the security of a free state" the founding fathers understood what this meant; without the people having the means and training to protect themselves from government tyranny the revolution would not be have happened and freedom wil be lost. True then and still true today. "Shall not be infringed" simply says the government cannot restrict our right to own firearms. (just recently the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the 2nd ammendment is not a collective right reserved to the states "national guard" but to the individual) Now if you still do not agree with the founding fathers and still think that the 2nd should go in the name getting rid of crime, then throw out the 4th amendment as well. You know the one about unreasonable search and siezure. We need to make sure no one has them right? Check anyone's house anytime you want. Get rid of the 5th as well. Make them testify against themself. We should keep prosecuting people involved in gun crimes over and over until we get the verdict desired - a harsh one (this will keep gun toting sympathizers from aquitting them). We need to get rid of gun violence right? Get rid of number three too. The presence of soldiers in our house wil aid the government in the checking for firearms amongst its citizens and neighborhoods. After all of this is done throw out the FIRST Amendment as well. Not that I am for it but it won't hold any weight. Whose going to stand up to a dominating government with no way of protecting themself. I'm not. People who oppose the government will be subjected to all the persecution the law breaking gun owners are. Now flush the constitution because it looks like TP now. Worthless! Now most all Pro Gun Control people stop after they say repeal the 2nd. They want their elite society but don't want to pay the price. These people shudder when you tell them that its about resisting tyranny, and even consider us traitors when we talk of this. Now if they think this then why aren't they lining up to sing "God save the Queen" because they are in effect (according to their line of thinking) British subjects held hostage by a traitorous group of its citizenry. Enough Said!
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    I can assure you that members fully support the US Constitution... Thanks for joining. Enjoy the forums.


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    Hay Jesse, How about a "Second Amd" or "Politics" forum? -UR.
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    Good Post Red

    Definitely a big supporter here with out the 2nd Amendment where would we be japan might have tried coming at the lower 48 during WWII. But No they stayed away since they knew that the citizens of this country are allowed to own guns and they practice with them. We need to remember the original writers of the Constitution were probably the most well informed and they had the forsight to see the 2nd was important I can't imagine if they had not had that wealth of knowledge we might not have free speech or protection from illegal search and siezure, we could be addressing one another as Commrade (with the exception of PRK which probably does).
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    Kamarades - We in the PRK do not address each other as Comrade, YET! We still approve and appreciate the Constitution and all of its Amendments, but especially the Second one.

    The following I believe helps us to understand what the Second Amendment says, and to me this makes it very clear. It also makes it very clear that the AMA and the FDA and all of their controls clearly violate the intent of the Constitution.

    "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed" --Amendment II, Bill of Rights

    "A well regulated library, being necessary to the education of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear books, shall not be infringed" --Paraphrasing the Amendment II, Bill of Rights

    "A well regulated hospital, being necessary to the health of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear medicines, shall not be infringed" -- Paraphrasing the Amendment II, Bill of Rights

    Yes, medicines can also be deadly in the wrong hands but they should not be restricted either!

    Reading in the Federalist Papers (they are available on the Internet) it was made very clear that until the Second Amendment (or something very much like it) was added to Amend the Constitution, the Several States would never have approved the Constitution. The Constitution Guarantees the Peoples' right to overthrow the Government if it becomes Tyrannical! The Second Amendment Guarantees the People the wherewithal to militarily overthrow the Government, should it be determined to be tyrannical! The Constitution does not establish another group that has the Authority, to determine that the Government has become Tyrannical, that is left to the People themselves.
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    Well Gents,
    I seem to remember that when i enlisted i took an oath to protect the US, it's people, and it's Constitution "from enemies foreign and domestic". I'm right there with yall on that. I think i've said enough on that subject. Yall take care.
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    Replying to phacopsrana.
    If you were a member of the old forum this one replaced you'd be familiar with my feelings on gun control:mad: We here in Canada have to contend with law enforcement having the right to search and seize without a warrant or compensation for firearms in any dwelling, place of bussiness, any property or vehicle. The law is so confusing most cops themselves don't know it. Having to wait 2 years to get a permit on a gun you already own is redundant, then having to register the same **** gun even if it was registered prior to the new law is just plain stupid. It is not gun control it's a hidden tax/new revenue source, violation of my rights, and invasion of my privacy.Count your blessings you live in a free country, I thought I did until our draconian gov.t passed this crap. We can't be blaming the queen when it is our elected officials who pass the law. Our only defense is to make our voices heard, and that is by voting. I own a WWIand a WWII Enfield, the same type, Year, and one is still original bearing issue numbers from the British and Canadian armys. Men used these rifles to fight, kill,for freedom. The least we can do to respect that is use the right they gave us and vote.Seems all the anti-s are voting while many of us sit around and b--ch abt. the expected outcome!!
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    I think Phaco's point was that the gun control he was referring to applies restrictions to the federal government, not the states or citizens. I agree it would be a good thing if most BATF and FBI agents were disarmed. Neither organiztion has any justification for setting up snipers to kill unarmed civilians, for example.

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    check again

    The Feds nor the states have any rights to restrict the people to own and bear arms. Parts 9 and 10 of the US constitution.