Gun Control in Albany

Discussion in 'Firearm Related News' started by GGReporter, May 16, 2008.

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    Politicians in Albany, New York, are keeping up their anti-gun ways. Their "task force on gun violence" is meeting to come up with new gun control laws, even when 80 percent of the violent crime in Albany doesn't involve guns at all.

    Doesn't it make more sense for politicians to focus on people committing violent crime, instead of guns? Of course it does - if the politicians are really serious about making Albany safer.

    But they're more interested in getting headlines than providing solutions.

    And it's not just Albany. In Schenectady, New York, officials set up an "amnesty" program for violent criminals to turn in guns risk-free. Something tells me this will be as popular as Boston's "Safe Homes Initiative," which asked residents to volunteer to let police search their homes for illegally possessed firearms. More than a month after the program began, not one resident of Boston has volunteered.

    These "feel-good" programs may generate news, and they may make civic leaders feel like they're making a difference, but they don't do anything to reduce violent crime. They're a waste of time and resources, demonizing all firearms and all gun owners while giving the violent criminals a pass.

    That ought to make every voter in Albany and Schenectady and Boston fighting mad.