''Gun control is silly''

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    This is a view from the Far ..way far left....this guy is for the most part has more problems that I would at a scrabile turnament....but even with his twisted views....the last paragraph shows that the real truth "Gun control is Silly" found at least 1 working brain cell....yes I kept his www and email adress attached...

    ''Gun control is silly''
    Printed on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 @ 00:10:26 EDT ( )

    By Paul Harris
    YellowTimes.org Columnist (Canada)

    (YellowTimes.org) – Because of the recent spate of seemingly random assassinations in the environs of Washington D.C., we will surely hear and see editorial pieces trying to drum up support for tougher gun legislation in the United States. Well, this is not one of them. What would be the point? Everyone must realize by now that America has a love affair with violence and it is definitely not unrequited.

    Let me say from the outset that I am a pacifist. I welcomed Vietnam draft dodgers to Canada and I will welcome the Iraq war dodgers that are sure to come when Emperor Bush re-institutes the draft and begins his jihad against the roughly one billion Muslims of this world. I have never fired a gun, nor do I intend to; I am uninterested in violent sports or action movies. I am opposed to sport hunting, although as a subsistence source of food I do not object. I would not be upset if the manufacturers and vendors of every weapon on the planet were to suddenly drop dead. I would be even less upset if they died painfully.

    So all you gun freaks and NRA whackos can dismiss the rest of this article right now. I think you're all a bunch of sick creatures whose ancestors clearly jumped down out of the trees a few generations too soon. But I'm not calling for your precious weapons to be taken away from you because if we're really lucky, all you sick *******s might end up killing each other off.

    I know all about the American constitution and the inane way it is misinterpreted to give every subhuman in the country the right to own a Saturday night special. Worse, the buggers can go out and purchase enough weapons to equal the arsenals of some small countries and all they need is the money to do so and an application form. I also know that there are many otherwise sane and rational people who think that owning guns is a good thing, for sport, for protection, or just because they want to.

    But all of us who have the benefit of looking at you from a distance recognize that yours is a truly violent society.

    On a per capita basis, there are more weapons in Canada than in the U.S. That statistic staggered me and made me seriously rethink the sanity of my countrymen but it is worth noting that while we may own the **** things, we don't seem to have much desire to blow other people away with them. Why is that? Why are Americans, who are largely from the same immigrant stock as us with similar social systems and similar views on so many issues, a substantially more violent society?

    It isn't just the guns; look around. Look at the glorious Hollywood efforts designed to show us all the really neat ways people can be killed and that stuff can 'blow up real good" (to quote John Candy); look at the violence in your other forms of entertainment such as the simulated murder in video games and paintball; look at the violence inherent in your sporting activities; look at the violence of the founding of your nation, your civil war, the violence that arises because you spent so long enslaving a large portion of your population; the violence that is inherent in your callous disregard for the weakest members of your society.

    Look at America's history of conflict. Since World War II, the United States has attacked or had wars with: China (45-46), Korea (50-53), Guatemala (54, 67-69), Cuba (59-60), Belgian Congo (64), Vietnam (61-73), Cambodia (69-70), Grenada (83), Libya (86), El Salvador (80-92), Nicaragua (81-90), Panamá (89), Iraq (91), Bosnia (95), Sudan (98), Yugoslavia (99), Afghanistan (01-02), and almost surely Iraq is on the horizon again. Add to this incursions into Colombia, Chile, etc. and it's pretty evident that as a nation, you folks are really into killing. And your leaders still have the balls to tell the world that you are a nation of peace lovers.

    When one of your citizens goes off his nut (and it usually is a man), your media almost befriends the thug with the cute way they come up with nicknames for him: the Hillside Strangler, the Boston Strangler, the Beltway Sniper, and so on. The guy gets the glory he's seeking, CNN and that crowd gets to obsess over something new for a while, and eventually life goes back to just blowing up other countries until a new thug appears.

    So that brings me to the simple question: what would be gained by new gun control laws or reinforcement of those already on the books? So long as you have this inherent need to kill and so long as the weapons can be purchased, they will be purchased and they will be used. You don't object when your military people kill off thousands of innocent victims in some foreign country even without any excuse for doing so, but there's always a feeling that it just isn't nice when one of you decides to off a group of your fellow citizens.

    You really can't have it both ways. If you're going to parade around the world killing people as you see fit and if you're going to let your fellow citizens purchase whatever weaponry they want, then you have to accept that you're dying by the sword because you're choosing to live by the sword.

    Now I know there are lots of non-violent Americans who agree that as a nation you are far too militant. Well, I'm sorry for you because you clearly don't fit into your society's paradigm. You don't know what to do about it and I would suggest that until there is a significant leap forward in the evolutionary development of most of your countrymen, there is little you can do.

    I had the good fortune to see Michael Moore's movie 'Bowling for Columbine' at the Toronto Film Festival. It is a profoundly moving and deeply disturbing piece of work; it is pure genius and should be required viewing for every American citizen. Trouble is, those of you who are unrepentant trigger-happy creatures will simply dismiss it or utterly fail to understand it.

    It's not that the answer isn't absolutely clear even to the stupidest among you: ban the sale of all weapons and crazy people won't get them. You just don't feel strongly enough that the lunatics among you need to be controlled because as a group, violence doesn't really bother you. Unless, of course, it happens to you.

    [Paul Harris is self-employed as a consultant providing Canadian businesses with the tools and expertise to successfully reintegrate their sick or injured employees into the workplace. He has traveled extensively in what we arrogant North Americans refer to as "the Third World," and he believes that life is very much like a sewer: what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. Paul lives in Canada.]

    Paul Harris encourages your comments: [email protected]

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    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Double that ******! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  3. It's fitting he should write for a site called YELLOW times.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I just went there, perused the posts, seen more liberal drivel, puked, came back here...ahhhhh, like a big roll of Tums! soothed my stomach!
  5. Why can't snipers pick on people like that?
  6. oneastrix

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    Second paragraph claims that he is a pacifist, but then he wishes painful death upon people?:hmmm:
  7. oneastrix

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    Uh dude, you're not even an American, and I'm relieved to see that! So shut the f##ck up!
  8. oneastrix

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    Uh isn't hockey a violent sport....and isn't it a favorite in Canada?

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Must be that Canadian weed they smoke up there... got bear caca in it!
  10. Stopper

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    This douche bag has his head up his arss.

    Yes, us big bad Americans love our guns - thats why we are citizens and not a bunch of sniveling little SUBJECTS whinning about violence.

    He should go to England and see how "safe" he is!! He'll get mugged and beat to an inch of his life, but thats OK cause they didn't use a gun.
  11. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Yeah, you don't see the Queen on our money do you?
  12. why is this article written by some canadian fu-ckhole even printed here, i mean c'mon canada isn't really a country it's practicly the 51st state!!
  13. NRAJOE

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    America Jr. as I call it!
  14. Doglips

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    :) figured that would get some people stired up....but these people are not only out their...the get published.
  15. BenP

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    Just another victim in the long run. I guess he'll have to learn the hard way, just like all those poor souls who got shot in Maryland have.
  16. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    Yep, sounds like one of those who would just lay down and die instead of fighting for his own life......Makes me sick....I wonder what color of mascara he wears....... I call 'em "knuckle-fu**ers!"
  17. Holy Crap!


    And I thought that whack job woman I posted about was messed up!! Hey, maybe these two were destined for each other????

    Just another lib exposing themselves as a complete idiot, hypocrite and uninformed looser.
  18. Jesse

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    Truly a person who likes Michael Moore's films...
  19. Mick

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    HeeHeee, haha, I'm loving some of these replies, you fellas rock!

    Oh yeah we have paintball games and violent video games here, as I am sure they are in Canada too, I can't see the point in his argument, dumbarse bleeding heart.