Gun Dealer and Mayor Face Showdown

Discussion in 'Firearm Related News' started by GGReporter, May 22, 2008.

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    When Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg stood at City Hall two years ago to announce that he had just filed suit against several gun shop owners, mainly in the South, it was in a certain fashion the capstone of a signature campaign. Mr. Bloomberg had already bashed the industry in several angry speeches, gone to Washington to pressure congressmen and lobbyists, and made his war against illegal guns a personal crusade.

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    New York
    Blomberg needs to understand that his power stops at the center of the Hudson River and the far side of New York Harbor. He is not a head of state (though New York's mayors have frequently acted like one) and has no business harassing gun shop owners in other states. You get down to it, he does not have the authority to harass gun shop owners outside the city limits!

    I hope he gets his head handed to him in a basket and that the court gives the gun shop owner from Georgia a whopping great settlement for having been defamed by Bloomberg - that Bloomberg has to pay out of his own pocket.

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    ^^Maybe even a couple of days in the Slammer for conspiracy to boot ?
  4. As I understand it Bloomberg has in essense already been handed his head in a basket by both the U.S. Attorney General, ATF and the U.S. Department of Justice all having told him to cease and desist his "Under Cover" stings or face prosecution himself for both financing them and ordering them in violation of several federal statutes not the least of which were "Interferring with a federal investigation". I believe the AG got Mr Bileburgs attention as I haven't heard of any recent "Investigations" on his part.
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    I hope he gets his due.
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    Hope Bloomburg looses his a** er money.
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    Blunderderg needs to know what it's like to have to eat at a soup kitchen - permanently. The good citizens of New York do NOT need a 'leader' of this puny caliber. He shot his wad, and failed miserably.
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    How bout he is forced to use his money for a worthy cause, such as rehabilitation for WIA from Afghanistan and Iraq, fighting Gun Control, Student Loans, Job Training for people of limited means without the training to actually advance in this world, etc. I think he could use his money for a much more worthy cause than this crap.
  9. I would love a few minutes alone with ole bloomy to <talk>
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    Did some one make Bloomburg Supreme comander of the U.S. with out telling anyone. or was he self appointed??