Gun dealers are inundated by new owners wanting guns....

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  1. I know several people that deal firearms locally and dealers in other states... Was talking with a few of them and depending where you live buying a 1st firearm can be eye-opening... in state where the democRats roost expect licensing, registration, waiting in excess of 90 days, expect excessive fees for fingerprinting, waiting for "background check", NRA Safety Classes... in a Constitutional Republic this should not be happening...Today I picked up a pistol at one of my local haunts...the owner told me his phone has been ringing off the hook...folks are scared. They want to know how to buy a gun...any gun. He calmly explains to them that through liberal/progressive legislation (dem) the citizens of our state have lost the right to buy a firearm without a permit... the permit system is arduous and costly...many are get what the "majority" vote for..and this is happening in Illinois, Rhode Island, NY, MA, CA, MD, DE and VA.
    It is my honest belief that too many voters are absolutely IGNORANT as to their rights...until they are confronted with events such as we all are dealing with now...Once things level out.. we have to again try and get folks into shooting and understanding our rights
  2. Jaison

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    A friend of mine owns a lgs. He says the same thing- lots of first timers getting surprised about the background checks and delays.

    He even had one guy tell him he was a liar. He’ll just get one off the internet.
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  3. animalspooker

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    In MO, we have two large areas where most of our virus cases are being found, Springfield and St. Louis. I've heard that both have restricted gun sells for the time being.

    My guess is they don't want us attacking our political figures once we grow tired of them taking everything away from us.
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  4. I was doing my usual search for a good deal on guns / ammo at Vance’s on line. They have the 3 biggest gun shops in the Columbus, OH area.
    They had to shut down web orders, and not take any more customers into the store earlier this week. The wait to get to the gun counter was over 3 hours, and the ammo was nearly gone.
    A lot of panic buying I suppose.
  5. rando

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    Jaison that is what many people that listen to the fake news and dems think. They are brainwashed to believe that this is why we should have more nonsense laws and restrictions on handguns. The non gun people think that we can just go to a gun show or flea market and buy a pistol off of a table any day of the week. Now they may realize that its all nonsense and lies
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  6. blaster

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    dang. I have a pistol I was thinking of selling. maybe I should go to my LGS and put it on consignment. it might sell quick.
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    Here in Floriduh, we still have a relatively hoopless right of private sale. If I have a gun, I can sell it to you, if you are a state resident. I sell at local shows and my phone hasn't stopped ringing for days...

    Today I visited several of the LGS's I do gun smithing work for, they are mostly sold out of ammo and any hand guns under $1000.00. Pump shotguns are scarce. Panic buying is the order of the day. One county board of supervisors member tried to get one dealer to waive the 3 day wait on long guns. (that he helped vote in 3+ years ago) Fat chance.

    It seems my fellow Americans have lost their collective minds. This crap is gonna get MUCH worse, before it gets better.
    There is even talk of stop and search at the Florida/Georgia line. Good luck with that.

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  8. Jaison

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    Once this garbage has passed, we may see the new gun owners on our side as far as the 2A. Maybe.
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  9. MRT NH 72

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    Or off load your undesirable firearms on consignment to the Johny come lately folk. Nah, I'll keep mine thank you.
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  10. rando

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    It would be nice if even a few of them woke up and step to the right side.
  11. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor reap what you so. When you buy into the statist mantra you have to figure it'll fail you when you need it most. Those 'rules' just are hoops that honest folks can't get through and criminals have no problems circumventing.

    Most here have accumulated stuff for years with this in mind.

    So we have plenty of guns and ammo for friends and family.

    Although I think this thing is probably going to be OK with folks working with each other. There'll be some rough patches in cities and in the PR states (fear driven) but for the most part in neighborly places things will work out fine.
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  12. Junction15

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    Yeah, some "smart" authorities can't seem to grasp that talk like that is what is driving one of the reasons people want to buy a gun.
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  13. mauser9

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    Nothing like a pandemic or ban to put the ammo makers in maximum overdrive.
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  14. Jaison

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    That’s what bothers me. My neighbors are mostly older, retired folks. Behind us several blocks is an apartment complex that went low rent a few years ago. A couple undesirables have also moved in.

    I’m considering trying organized a neighborhood watch sort of thing. Something with teeth, though.
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  15. Dutch

    Dutch G&G Evangelist

    I took this opportunity to move along a few cheaper pistols I didn't have any attachment to.
    With the flood of inexpensive 9mm's over the past 3 years, it made selling used ones a little more difficult. The few I sold went immediately.
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  16. Ron The Legend

    Ron The Legend G&G Evangelist

    I still haven't decided what to do with the Ruger Wrangler I bought my wife that she and I both don't like the stiff springs and rough action. I have in my cart at Brownell's, a Wolf spring kit for it and may do a internal polish job too. May end up liking it as much as my ss single six convertible .22. I'll let Y'all know what I do.
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  17. OneShotKill

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    CDNN who sells guns, ammo and accessories just closed out all ammo sales today, I ordered a few boxes but almost everything was gone today. Sportsman's Guide has sold out of all traditional ammo. Natchez had sold out of most standard ammo last night. I suspect the ammo shortage will be worse than last time. I am stocked up on ammo and reloading so no big deal to me or immediate family. To cope, I did the following:

    I cast about 120 45 Colt bullets today, about 60 454 round balls, some 00 buck and maybe 100 000 buck. Just playing around as I have not cast bullets in years. I will powder coat them all tomorrow. I load these into 45 Colt, 2 round balls into 45 Colt, and I load the 000 Buck into 410, and a few of the round balls into 45 acp, for gallery loads for my revolvers. A 140 grain round ball in front of 6 grains of Unique is no slouch, but cheap to load. At about 800 fps it is about 194 (equal to a snub nose 38 or 380) foot pounds and sighted 2 inches high at 25 yards it is on at 50 then -7.3 at 75 and -21 inches low at 100 yards. Ok, not for anything ,much but 50 yards max, great for plinking. What can you load for 7 cents? 3 cents for 6 grains Unique, 4 cents for a primer, a free 45 acp case from the range and lead ai bought decades ago. Just saying. I shoot these in a SW governor and Ruger Single actions.

    Some of the 000 buck will go into 2 ball loads for 38 special and I may try some 3 ball loads for 357. Not sure what I will do with the 00 Buck, maybe make them into split shot for fishing. Just saying an ammo crises is not necessarily a bad thing for old bored guys.
  18. Rocky7

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    I think I will check out our gun market. If it is hot, too, I might sell 2-3 that are not my faves and then buy something real special once the Wuhan Wobble is over.
  19. ninwnc

    ninwnc G&G Evangelist

    I stopped in at my local gun dealer today to buy a couple of pounds of powder to load shotgun shells. There were 4 people filling out paperwork to buy guns, and the gun display area was pretty crowded, with people checking out the guns and asking lots of questions. Ammo & reloading supplies are still plentiful as of today. With my Concealed carry permit, I can get a handgun in about 30 minutes.
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  20. rando

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    Yeah Ii hear Ya mauser. Its crazy that no one is buying anything new right now like houses and cars and high priced items. People are in fear right now of the Not Knowing part with all this mess. However they all are buying either Guns and ammo or food goods. Also other survival stuff but not much more
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