Gun dealers are inundated by new owners wanting guns....

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    On most sites it is either gunslinger1954 or Mike B. I couldn't fine either one, though.
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    Are you talking about Past & Blast? That's a cool little store,I've been there several times.
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    Yes sir, best little gun store that I know of. In fact, not so little now that they moved across the street to the building that used to be the bank.
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    I haven't been up there in a couple years. His prices on guns were good,but he was pretty proud of his gun powder.
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    At one point in the planning process I almost called this store Past and Blast or Blast from the Past

    I wanted a combined comic book shop,game store, movie store, memorabilia emporium and historical gun shop.

    I got vetoed, and when I think of how weird the customer base would have been (as well as how shady some MTG players are) I had to agree.
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    Cant tell you how many times Ive seen some idiot who got arrested screaming about all their rights that they think just got violated by the police and how they are going to win their court case and sue everyone bla bla bla (because most people dont know anything about their 1st, 4th, or 5th amendment rights (let alone their 2nd) other than what's portrayed on TV.

    It happens so often it's not even amusing... its just expected.

    Ive asked a lot of lawyers too about how often they get clients that come in already thinking they are going to get acquitted because they think their rights were all blatantly violated etc...

    They always roll their eyes... "alot... and then they don't want to hear it and they don't believe us when we tell them that you guys (the cops) didn't do anything wrong and they are better off just taking a plea deal because there isn't much to argue in their defense... their client did it, the lawyers know they did it, and its 90% of the time just mitigation work at that point.
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    Blaster they cant keep any pistols in stock at the shops here. They sell as fast as they get them in from UPS and Fedex. Not only pistols but any shotgun that the shops get in is gone by that night. Its crazy. Of course you have the waiting period on the pistols but they are being claimed till being approved. The shops here have no 9mm or 45 ammo.
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    I wonder how many of these people used to be anti-2A but have now had a change of heart.
    I only have one thing to say..

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    Just heard from our UPS driver that there is a 5 day lag in CBI checks to obtain a firearm. 5000 person backlog and ammo near non existent. The anti gunners and snowflakes are getting scared now. UPS driver brought me a few items of ammo I was short on. My wife left him a bag of treats and a thank you card for the effort he is putting in and the longer hours he's working. These guys are front liners too. Let's thank them and show appreciation, even in a small way or a thank you.
    On another note, our nurses at Denver General are limited to 1 mask a day. Who would of been our future daughter in law, till our son was killed in an avalanche, is working there and says her and her now husband, strip their clothes off at the door, go into the basement and shower and then go upstairs to their son and her mother. If they don't get masks soon they will be using the only one they have and having to sterilize between shifts. Don't believe all the hype that masks are going out. Maybe NYC, but not here yet. Sorry I got off script Brothers.
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    Davidsons Gun Gallery has suspended all online sales and says to use their website to find a local dealer. Big wholesaler. Natchez shooting supply was out of most standard ammo like 45 acp and 38 super. CDNN went completely out of the ammo business this week. I did get a few boxes of Golden Sabre in 380 and 45 acp. Also got several boxes of 17 HMR at $10 a box. Glad I reload, going to be another long dry spell.
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    A friend of mine has bought 16 boxes of 9mm reloads from me in the last 3 days. He runs a pawn shop and cannot seem to find 9mm ammo. We had a long discussion about liability, and how I can not be responsible for someone having a cheap Saturday night special, or a poorly maintained gun. He trusts me and my ammo, and hasn't fired store bought ammo for years.
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    that could get some embarrassing.

    this is one of those deals where being prepared versus not being prepared is sure telling.
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  14. OneShotKill

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    I am not sure of your background, but I am assuming if you are selling reloads that you have and FFL either a gun dealer or ammo manufacturers license? It is a federal requirement.

    As an attorney I am going to say you are an easy target for a lawsuit by anyone who ends up with your ammo, has a kaboom and gets hurt. In fact, you are an easier target if someone gets killed, because then the little widow and kids could come after you legally and here are some considerations and why very few people do commercial reloading on the side.

    First, the federal statute applies, if, you manufacture ammo for a profit. I spent 6 years as a prosecutor and most prosecutors would never consider filing charges on some guy who sells a few boxes of ammo to his buddies, unless something happens. If there were an accident and local police brought it to the attention of the prosecutor or say your ex-wife or neighbor who hates you got mad and called ATF that is another story. Cases have priorities. But if there is a complaint, then there must be a file and that file must be acted upon.

    So, let's say your buddy takes his nephew shooting on a Saturday. At the end of the hunt he lets the nephew who we will say is 21 take some ammo home. Next Saturday nephew takes another friend out shooting and something happens, gun blows up and the new kid loses an eye. Now we have parents of the blind kid wanting to know what the hell happened. When they went to the emergency room they told the truth, otherwise the cops are looking at the nephew or anyone else present, as being negligent or criminal, both are crimes. So they tell the cops that the gun just blew up.

    Well for about 100 years we have had product liability laws in this country. Since 1968, there have not been any Saturday night specials imported into the US. So parents of the blind kid are looking to sue under the nephews home owner liability insurance and they come see me, the hungry lawyer wanting to make some money to buy more guns. I know that either the gun or the ammo is the cause of the problem. If it was on a public range, there are probably witnesses. The lawyer files a motion and demands the gun be examined by an expert. An expert will look at the gun and see that the cylinder or top strap or slide or whatever came apart and the gun manufacturer will be contacted and they will claim the ammo was faulty, they always do. An overload is pretty easy to prove, you just put the expert up to say the gun appears to be within specs as to the steel and design and all that, so it was the ammo.

    Next, they (I) will take your deposition and you will automatically like me because when you come to my office you will see my Boone and Crocket deer or the one that is 11.3 years old and you will want to know the story. Then it is my turn and it goes like this:

    1. You were subpoenaed to bring a copy of your FFL Type 6 license, may I see it?
    2. You were instructed to bring copies of your state and city permits to manufacture and store ammunition in your home, may I see them?
    3. You were instructed to bring copies of your Schedule C, of your federal tax return, showing your income and expenses for your part-time ammunition manufacturing business, may I see them?

    4. You were instructed to bring your records for the recipes for reloading all calibers that you sell in your business, may I see them please?

    5. You were instructed to bring all records showing the components you bought that went into the ammunition that caused the gun to blow up, may I see them please?

    6. You were instructed to bring your records showing how you proof tested the lots of ammunition that permanently blinded this young man and destroyed his dream to become n astronaut, may I see them please?

    7. I am going to stop about here, but, just one more, you were operating an illegal ammunition manufacturing ammunition company for which you did not have any federal or state permits, you violated, the state and federal tax laws by not filing income tax returns, you have no records showing that you proof tested these loads, and you have no explanation as to how your loads blew up a perfectly safe handgun, is that correct? Oh and does your homeowners insurance approve of your having hazardous commercial powders, primers and, manufacturing ammunition in your home? No, well OK. I only have about 42 other questions and then we will break for lunch.

    I did this stuff since 1981 having graduated from night law school while a military officer long ago. These are EZ cases for lawyers when there is an injured person. When you sell anything that is dangerous you have a special duty to make sure it is safe. And when push comes to shove, you need insurance or the attorney fees will eat you alive.

    I know people who have manufacture hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammo commercially on a part time basis, then just quit. It is simply not worth it unless you sell huge amounts and can afford insurance. Your comment was how can you be liable if some guy puts your ammo into some Saturday night special, Ez answer, because the law presumes you as a manufacturer to be in a superior position and only sell ammo that is well within established specs. That is why Colt 45 ammo is 44 special is so weak. Any manufacturer must sell them so they do not blow up the normal gun on the market. Yes you can sell loads like Buffalo Bore. But go to their website and look at all the warnings they put on every caliber. You will need to do exactly the same, it is called the duty to warn. And of course you want to put I boldly on every box of ammo you sell.

    Last issue. Are you responsible for what happens if somebody other than the guy you sell it to uses it and it blows up a gun? Sure, you sold it for every 9mm. Perhaps if you had a special contract with that one guy that only he would use it and never sell it or give it away, maybe. lots of other issues, what are your other questions. Just not worth the risk to me.
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    on the other hand it's perfectly legal to barter, trade, or give away any amount of ammo without a license or responsibility.

    it's when you sell the stuff 'for profit' that you become subject to those laws.
    as well as the ITAR 10% taxes.
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    Bud's has 3.2 million customers? Considering the vast number of people who have never heard of them, that alone would make me think there are a lot more gun owners in America than the government estimate.

    Then again, I wonder if they are including HQ, Kennessaw, Bud K and all the other things they do.
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    I know a local gun store that sells reloads, but there is no way I would do it. Alabama is one of the top three states in terms of (often frivolous) law suits.

    I don't carry any ammo that wasn't manufactured (or re-manufactured) by a licensed company.

    Good info
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    New York
    I've told this before, but this story is on point.

    My local gun shop is a delight to gun folks. It's a combination of gun shop, museum, and general store for gun stuff. Everyone from cops, to collectors, to first-timers, to James Earl Jones (honest -- he's a collector and buys a lot of exotic caliber ammo from Scotty because the exotic pieces are his thing) shops there. No haggling, because Scotty always prices things fairly and is honest as the day is long.

    Anyway, one day I stopped in as I do every so often to pick up some ammo and see if Scotty's gotten in any vintage goodies I might want to buy for the collection. I was looking at a Beretta Brigadier when an arrogant business executive type, one of those who is a legend in his own mind, barged in and jumped the line of people waiting to make purchases. He told Scotty, "I want to buy a pistol."

    Scotty didn't turn a hair. "Sure. Let's see your pistol permit."

    "My what?" Mr. Legend-In-His-Own-Mind could not grasp the idea that laws applied to him as much as they did to the peons in the gun store who were not masters of the world.

    "Your pistol permit. I don't know you, so let's see it."

    "I don't have a pistol permit."

    "No? Then it's lookee but no touchee for you. If you want to buy a pistol, the first thing you need to do is go to the county courthouse and ask the county clerk for a pistol permit application. Go through the application process, get your pistol permit, and then I will be happy to sell you whatever pistol you'd like. But in the meantime, if you'd like I can sell you a rifle or a shotgun; you don't need a permit for those."

    The master of the world type walked out of the gun shop mutter about how unfair it was that all us peasants could own pistols and he couldn't and something needed to be done about that. We waited until the door closed before bursting into hysterical laughter at him. I hope he got the message: The Second Amendment was written for everyone, not just those in positions of power.
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    OneShotKill... I had no idea. Thanks for the info.
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    I got a call on day of a child injured. When I got there EMS had a kid in back of ambulance probing his hand with scissors asking him if he could feel scissors. His hand was black. This was in mid 80s. When I walked into carport I noticed a large number of defused work cracks on floor. Inside I found a mini 14 propped up against a window in back of house. While there their phone rang and a female asked if I was officer at scene. I told her yes and she told me kids were always shooting out back of house. She wouldn't leave her name with me. I confiscated all fire works in bags, kid telling me his uncle brought them down from Ohio. Ga illegal to shoot of possess fire works. During civil hearing one lawyer (defendant) ask me about fire works and mini 14 in my report. He then asked me the velosity of a mini 14. I told him its around 3200 fps. Teh he asked me what made me an expert on fire arms. Sir, I'm a certified small arms repairman US Army having served in S Viet Nam with 1st Infantry Div.. t that point they closed the hearing down. Lawyer didn't like what behind door #2. Planteif won big time in suite. Ran into victim 35 years later. Down stairs of house was a reloading room with a small out board motor propping door open. Kids had taken an alunimum pipe, filled it with Hercules gun powder, stick a fire cracker fuse in small hole in bottom and lite fuse exploding pipe. Kid lost two fingers.
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