Gun dealers are inundated by new owners wanting guns....

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    That is an amazing story. Perhaps stupid is hereditary.
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    Most people just do not even think about it. I have heard of several people who have spent big bucks on progressive reloading gear thinking they would make big bucks selling reloads. They had no idea you needed a federal license and what killed most of their dreams were local fire codes. Every big city has a pretty stiff code restriction on how much powder and primers you can store in a residential area. Even if you trade it legally, some guy who gets it down the road can still come back on anybody in the supply chain if there is a kaboom. Kind of like loaning your car to your brother and he gives someone else a ride. And it turns out they have a wreck that was caused because the car had bad brakes. So some stranger down the road sues you for bad breaks on a car that you loaned to your brother? The moral: Don't loan a car with bad brakes to anybody or give reloads to anybody. The risk is low, but why bother.

    In fact, many people who are just hoarding ammo are in violation of many fire codes. As a lawyer, I think you can pretty much store however much ammo you want. Your risk jumps up when it is a business product and not personally use.
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    I forgot to mention the kid that got hurt lived about 3 houses down. Funny thing I ran into a bar owner who had lived in that area of county. Told him the story and he asked me if I remembered the kids name. Been like 35 years and no. He showed me his hand and sure enough, he held up his hand with 2 missing fingers.
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    I guess someone must have spread the roomer that if you carry a gun it will ward of the CV!!!!:rolleyes: I was in CO last week and they do a state instacheck and they were about 9K behind. That equated to about a 5 day wait for most of them. ;)
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    That's a scarey thought.
    All those neophyte's running around with shiny brand new firearms.

    Imagine me handing your 118 pound wife a running chainsaw and ask her to go cut me a pickup truck load of wood.
    A Firearm is like a running chainsaw.
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    Funniest thing I have heard all day. There are lots of people I would not hand a chainsaw or a gun and then stand nearby.

    There is a gun shop I have used several times to find hard to get handguns, like Ruger single actions, Toole Gun Supply in western Utah, good guys, fair prices and highly recommended by me. They normally have lots of guns available online, and they show how many they have in stock of each model, today they only have about 40-45 handguns total. They do have a short Ruger 45 birds head Vaquero for anyone looking. $635.00.

    They also do have 3 Glock model 44 in 22lr for $359.00 same price as I paid at Bass Pro months ago and cheaper than Buds by $18 after shipping and credit card fees. While there is a shortage of handguns, at least there is some sales going to the good guys and reason for more to be made. FWIW
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    Unfortunately I don’t even have that many, and the ones I have I want to keep. I thought it would be a good idea to make a few quick bucks for a minute, but I can’t part with any of them right now.
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    not holding my breath
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    Yah, that brief hallucination of cautious optimism went away for me, too.
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