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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tippmann7, May 15, 2008.

  1. tippmann7

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    my little brother will be 7 in july and i think its time to get him shooting (would have liked to do it when he was 5 but it went fast) anyway would a youth .22 be alright, i want to get him used to shooting before i step him up to the .410
  2. mitch_mckee

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    What he really wants this:


  3. tippmann7

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    haha i want that for myself
  4. squirrelblaster

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    ^ dont we all....
    do they make a mini version of the 10/22? couse that would be realy great.
  5. Midas

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    A Ruger 10/22 would be an excellent starter's rifle.
  6. tippmann7

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    i might buy a remington 597 from a friend i was originaly going to buy it for myself but i may get it for my bro let him shoot my .17hmr and then il see.
  7. I was seven when I "cut my teeth" shooting. It was a Remmington .22 single-shot bolt action. My first rife was a Remmington bolt action .22 single shot I was 12 when I got it. I love bolt-action single-shot rifles! Teach him to shoot with a single-shot! It'll make him more accurate and teach him to take his time and make sure of his target before he squeezes the trigger and not rely on a "back-up" shot or shots.
  8. tippmann7

    tippmann7 G&G Enthusiast

    getting him to take his time will be a tough one...he likes to unload on stuff with my paintball gun but hey so do i.
  9. soonerborn

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    I think a good bolt action 22 would be the best. I would get him some experience handling and shooting guns before stepping up to a semi-auto. I would get something well made and in wood, because he is gonna have it for a long time and I am sure that each of us remembers fondly our first 22 and most of us probably still have it. I wouldnt get something uber expensive or decorative though because he will put some dings in it.

    CZ 452 Scout

    that or a ruger 77/22 would be 2 good choices.

    CZ 452 FS

    That is a very cool choice too.

    I would just round up a few choices like those and show them to him and let him pick it.

    Those 3 can be had for under 400 for sure.

    Whatever you do stay away from those "cricket" 22 rifles. They are terrible.
  10. Ron AKA

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    Agree 100%. Suggest this one.


    Savage Arms Mini Youth Model Cub
  11. Ferroflame

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    I have a Marlin bolt action in .22 and I love it. Very neat little gun. Putting a scope on it sometime next week. I'll probably kill my first squirrel with it soon... :happysad:

    If you're looking into semi-auto, I'd recomend the Ruger 10-22 or a Marlin Model 60. Both are very good, but the Ruger, as everyone knows, has A TON of aftermarket stuff.

    But personally, I'd recomend a bolt action. Teaches the kid how to aim and not "spray and pray" as nerds like me like to say.
  12. Mooseman684

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    Ron beat me to it !
    The Savage Cub is a Great beginning rifle for his age...Stay away from auto loaders for his first rifle...Too much chance of error/ problems.
  13. .22 would be good just bring him to the store and let him put it up to his shoulder so he can find one the right and one thats light enough for him to lift by himself.
  14. For a beginner I'd suggest keeping him away from Semi-autos. Teaches'm to spray to much. Better to learn, 'one shot=one kill'. If you could find a .22 over a 20 ga you'd be doing him a real favor. I still have my old Sears .22 single shot boltaction. You load one round and pull back the striker to cock it.
  15. squirrelblaster

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    start him off right! give him a mosin!! if he still has a shoulder at the end of the day then he'll be hooked for life!!
  16. Ferroflame

    Ferroflame G&G Newbie

    I'm with Squirrelblaster!

    Get him a Mosin!

    If he's still standing after he shoots it, he's a real man! >=D
  17. Big Dog

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    I echo the sentiments to stay away from semiautos for now - kids will simply "pump 'em out" and make noise but little else.
    A Marlin or Savage youth rifle would be good, then step him up to something 'full size' when he's ready.
    I still have the little Stevens singleshot .22 my uncle gave me when I was about eight (some 43 years ago!). Still shoots good too!
  18. sc928porsche

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    I still have the old sears single shot 22lr my dad gave me when I was 8. Used it to teach all my daughters when they were young.
  19. matt760

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    my first gun other than my daisy was a Lakefield .22 single shot bolt action. i couldnt tell you how many thousands of rounds have been put through that gun. still shoots good and i doubt that it was very expensive though i dont know much about the brand.