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    Choose a definition from the list below to determine your place in the political spectrum:

    Gun-Nut n.

    1) A clinical term used by mental health professionals to identify a person who possesses an abnormal fascination with firearms. (i.e., "Patient exhibits antisocial tendencies and appears to be a gun-nut.") Such persons are thought to present a serious threat to public safety.

    2) A hideous vampiric demon which haunts the twisted minds of liberal statists. (e.g., republican, conservative radio host, corporate executive, libertarian.)

    3) An honest, hardworking, taxpaying person who owns one or more firearms, enjoys the shooting sports and/or supports the lawful ownership of firearms by the general population; provided they are psychologically competent and do not have a criminal record. (e.g., the vast majority of Americans.)

    If you chose definition #1: You are most likely politically moderate. You are also misinformed. Log-on to to further educate yourself.

    If you chose definition #2: You are an extreme lefty. You believe in big government. You don't trust people in general. You believe the Constitution is outdated, in particular - the Second Amendment. You are an enemy of liberty. Watch your back.

    If you chose definition #3: You are a freedom-loving, patriotic individual who doesn't much like being called a nut. You're welcome at my campfire anytime. I've got your back.
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    Is it just a coincedence that def. #2 is a whole truck load of #2