Gun Nut arrest revisited

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    The perp's name is Junior Barefoot, 39 white male Johnston cty NC. Get a load of this. He is the head of an offshoot wing of the Klan. The Klan's Grand Wizard was interviewed by phone and stated that this guy was a violent hothead. Barefoot left the Klan to form his own white supremacy splinter group due to his disgust at the KKK's lack of violent activities.

    It's pretty bad when the Klan says your too much of a nut job for them.
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    The KKK has offshoots all the long as they shoot at each other I don't pay any mind to them

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    Yeah,I got expelled from reform school.
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    Can you say "L O S E R !!!!" Man, I bet his mom is so proud of him...NOT!