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  1. Howdy

    Imagine how it is with me at work. Several of us in the marketing staff share a large office, we call it the bull pen.

    Anyway, the co worker with the desk closest to mine is the head of the local Democratic Party Office. She is a very intelligent well spoken woman, but a Dem and a Lib just the same.

    We like each other so we try and stick to neutral topics. However, she is rather disturbed when I bring the Beretta 9mm along in my truck. I work really close to the range I use and when it is a really nice day, I bring the gun to work with me and go to the range over lunch.

    Don't get the wrong idea, the gun is unloaded, cased and in a seperate part of the vehicle from the ammo. I am well withng both Wisconsin and Michigan laws.

    But it made her very uneasy one day when I was asked by some of the crew why I did not join them for lunch. I told them I went to the range.

    So my co worker asked what Range. When I told her, she asked if I had the gun with me. I said it was in the truck. She, rather alarmed, asked "So you brought a gun to work?"

    I told her, no the gun was in the truck, under lock and key in it's case, hidden from sight through the windows and unloaded. She asked if I thought that was a little risky what with all the office shootings lately. What if the Police found out I had a gun at work with me.

    Now we all know the gun wasn't at work with me. it was in the truck. I also asked her if she was worried that my gun would load itself and take hostages.

    She then became angry and started spouting some of the non sense the Libs are fed daily. Stuff like there are 33 children killed, every 10 minutes, by guns. I did some match on that one, she is wrong, or we would have been fresh out of kids in the last 10 years.

    Anyway, I have been branded a gun nut and a conservative whacko as she also knows I am a member of the NRA, and vote conservative.

    Like I said, a nice enough woman, but really uninformed and parinoid about guns. Maybe I should tell her next week, when I am going to have the pistol and the Rifle with me when I go to the range on tuesday. LOL!!

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    "Happiness is a warm gun" {The Beatles}
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    maby try to explane that the car she drives to work is far more dangerous than any gun. a knife can just as easly kill someone as a gun and she should worry more about geting into a car accident than geting shot buy a leagal gun owner. the ilegal guns is what she should be worrying about.
  4. Perhaps you could use logic with her (but then again logic doesn't apply to most liberal Dems) and explain to her that you have no past behavioral problems, and in fact, if all heck broke loose near work you could well be the deciding factor and a great help.

    You might also explain more children are killed daily in home fires, home drownings and poisonings than are killed by firearms.

    You could ask her what weapon the lady in Texas used to drown her children. Or the Smith lady back east that drove her car into the lake killing her two children. And, what weapon was used when the father went beserk at a hockey practice game and beat another father to death with his fists?

    You could explain there may have been a different outcome on September 11th. if a firearm was aboard any of the planes that crashed.

    You could explain more children kill each other with the use and sale of drugs and illegal alcohol use and drunk driving.

    Or, you could politely explain you appreciate the fact she has the right to free speech just as you, as a law abiding citizen has the right to bear arms. In that conversation tell her she will have to give up that right to speech if you agree not to exercise your right to bear arms. That MIGHT getting her thinking.

    Another interesting note, as of 1999, when I retired, we experienced far, far more domestic calls involving the use of fists, baseball bats, knives and anything else one can grab other than a gun.

    This co-worker of yours is well intending, in her mind. You may elect just to ignore any remarks she makes about the gun and she might get the hint. I hate to say it but it sounds as though she has some fear and doesn't have much trust and faith in you and that may be very difficult to change. Fear is an emotion that can only change with trust, faith and respect....sometimes slowly....sometimes never coming.

    I know trying to use logic with an anti-gunner is difficult. I have met my share too, as have we all. Sometimes we just have a cross to bear we are willing to carry......proudly!

    Good luck with her.
  5. wes

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    Invite her to the range with you,as a liberal,she should be open enough to learn SAFE gun handling.
  6. Dennis

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    It's just Monsters under the bed
    There are so many people that dont want to accept any one or any thing that is different from the world that they have in their minds.
    What makes them angry is that You aren't a "NUT" and rather normal, so they have to brand you as a Nut to be able to continue to believe what they have been told
    That way they dont have to admit that they have been wrong about the issue and took someone elses opinion and made it their own rather than think for themselves and come up with their own conclusion.
    It's kinda like
    A prospecter that has been looking for gold in the same mountain for 20 years. Why would he continue for so long?
    Because if he quit looking then he would have to admit to himself that he was wrong and there wasn't any gold, and he wasted twenty years of his life.
    It took SEVENTY years for the Russian people in government to admit that Communism was wrong and a stupid Idea.
    What is so sad are the people that have "hitched their political wagons to a falling star"
    Think about it for a minute.
    The Demacratic Party and the Liberal agenda's that have been manipulated in to laws, That are Total Failures, they cant ADMIT that,
    For example, gun control legislation, it's not about controlling guns or fighting crime or even saveing children
    Thats all........
    It has become so "fashionable" to oppose the establishment and have a new and good idea
    (reguardless of what the Idea actually is)
    It is really about Power, getting it, keeping it. and people that want to be powerful,are succeptable to this "liberalism"
    They Join the TEAM and adopt the teams causes as their own so they can feel powerful.
    The gun issue is especially touchy because the people that want to be powerful know that the real power flows from the barrel of a gun and they dont want the ones that they oppose to have real power.
    It is kinda on a grade school emotional level
    logic is out the window with these people.
    You can't argue with them because they "believe" like it is a reliegious tennent or something.
    They dont want to hear logic or ANYTHING that pokes holes in their beliefs.
    It's a lie and they KNOW it but like the prospecter they cant admit that they have been"taken" for so long.
    It used to be that when people matured they would grow out of such sillyness but not anymore.
    Would you concider the people that are in the demacratic party to be Emotionally Mature?
    Why is it so seldom that the Demacrats have a position that makes any sense(Logical)?
    If it weren't for the abortion issue what would they have?
    The only plank the DEMS have in their platform that is Not more restrictive through government intervention is their position on abortion. every thing else is more taxes and more government involvement.
    Every thing else I have seen by those people has been based on emotional decisions rather than logical ones.
    In modern times (post war) in America it is no longer neccessary to "grow up"
    If you dont have to grow up then why do so?
    This explains the trend to "empower Kids"
    Why would Anybody with ANY sense want to do that?
    look at some of the highprofile cases concerning child abuse
    First off.
    Why has child abuse become the worst crime that anyone can commit?
    It didnt used to be
    In some cultures sex with children is still practiced
    What has happened here that has made a child abuser the worst criminal imagineable?
    I think because on a vast scale Americam culture has retreated from the Idea of adults are seperated from children.
    These cases I was talking about where they believe a 4year old childs story and go and spend 40 million dollars on a case against
    some day care center that ends up to be false.
    This has not just happened once or twice but many times.
    the whole "Liberal" agenda's child protective service situation was floundering in the early 80's there just weren't enough cases to justify the spending, SO they went out and found some.
    If you accuse someone hard enough and loud enough people will believe what you are saying reguardless of how illogical it is.
    This embraceing of Emotional decision makeing is one of our great weakness as a country.
    It robs us of our political deciseveness.
    Look at recient history for example
    NO one wants to admit that we have been had by the Saudi's and the Palestinians.That Arafat has played the United States Government, and the U.S. Media like a tune for years.
    All the palestinian people know it.
    Even today, right now it still goes on.
    Is anyone going to say anything about it?
    Just like the prospector.
    Another example,
    How many death row inmates have been freed through DNA?
    Lots and lots of them.
    What does that illistrate?
    That people will decide on a particular issue and only concider material that reinforces their original decision and disreguard information that may refute their original judgment.
    The solution is simple
    when you are wrong
    promptlyAdmit it.
    Pretty deep stuff
  7. BattleRifleG3

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    When I start talking truth, libs tend to get offended like I'm calling them liars. They get mad and more violent verbally than me.
  8. azeeb

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    That's cuz they have no common sense and can't deal with logic. If they did they wouldn't be liberals. There only option is to get mad.
  9. Gee, you know one too!

    Howdy BattleRifleG3,

    Man, it sounds like we know the same person!

    Seriously though, I used the line that Ted Kennedy has killed more people with a Lincolin Town car than any one I know, other than military combat veterans. The same goes for any of my guns. None has jumped out of the case and started shooting on it's own.

    As I said, we have a mutual understanding and try to remain neutral. However she will occasionally cross that line, and I generally let her spout of as she will not convince anyone in the office but herself that her views are correct. Every now and again she will go too far and take cheap shots at Reagan or Bush (pick one) or John Wayne. Then I will toss out a zinger in the form of real truth about her precious lib hero Heir Clintler. Then she does just as you say, the verbal daggers come out.

    It is simply amazing. There are a lot of great answers to my original post, and I use many of the facts as listed. Thanks.
  10. Calvin

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    There was a story in a gun magazine a while back about a lady like the one you work with. The author is a sheriff, and his neighbor WAS a liberal Demaocrat.
    Every other day, he went to the range. She would always be outside when he was loading his trunk, and say all kinds of negative, ignorant things to him. She was your typical, uninformed, close-minded liberal. After about a month of this trash, he decided to ask her to go to the range with him and his wife. She basically called him an a-hole, and went on ranting about the evils of a person who owns a gun.
    Three days go by after this last incident. The sheriff hadn't seen the lady since their last discussion. He was loading up his trunk, as usual, when the lady hobbled out of her house. She had been tied-up, raped repeatedly for 3 days, beaten up, and left for dead by the attacker. The sheriff stated that he didn't think she was going to make it because she was so badly beaten. She was severely dehydrated from being gagged for the three days. He called 9-1-1, and the ambulance took her away.
    Two weeks pass, and the lady finally comes home from the hospital. The sheriff was loading his trunk again when the cab pulled up to her house. She just looked at him, and limped into her house. The sheriff asked her how she was feeling before the door shut, and she just said "fine". When the sheriff got back home from the range, the lady was waiting for him. She came over rather sheepishly and apologized to him for all of the things she had said to him. She then asked him if he would teach her how to shoot. She said she would understand if he said no, and really wouldn't blame him if he didn't. At this point, she's crying, and saying she no longer feels safe at home. The sheriff looked at her and said that he would take her the next afternoon, if that was okay. He took her shooting the next day, and, since she started training with her firearm, has become a huge proponent of firearm ownership.
    Sorry it's so long, but it just goes to show what ignorance can lead to.
  11. hooker

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    Liberals can't handle the truth. They don't want to hear the truth. They all think they are the brightest people in the world. You can't discuss anything with them, because the only point of view they have is theirs. Everyone else is wrong. They are without a doubt the smartest people in the world, according to them. They always look down their noses at everyone who is not of their mindset. They always want new laws that will effect everyone but them. Some how they have this notion that what ever hair-brained ideas thay have are the only ones that will work. It is a no win situation. That is why every law abiding American that owns a firearm should be a member of the NRA. If that was so, then we would never see or hear from them again.
  12. I know of several extremely liberal people who used to always give me crap about guns when I lived in the 'hood' (Peoria, AZ).

    They were members of the homeowners association that terrorized the neighborhood. I used to go to the meetings because they always had protection related issues and questions and they always thought the cops were the only form of protection...not each resident protecting themselves and each other.

    In a nutshell they thought no homeowner should be allowed to have a private firearm and were so peeved when they found out they couldn't even get their liberal Attorney to push for a homeowner's association rule prohibitng guns without their approval due to obvious constitutionality infringments.

    Now, the sick side of their logic is that if all citizens were not allowed to have guns then the supply would dry up for the criminals. I basically told them to pull their heads out of their butts. But, you couldn't tell them nothing.

    Their frame of mind was still set in that attitude even to the day I moved up here after retirement. I always hoped that nothing would happen to one of the residents or their children but, in a way, I was hoping something would wake them up. As far as I know it never did.
  13. Rave

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    Wow,I am impressed! There are some REALLY good posts on here,really exceptional!
    Here's a rather funny one.I was a supervisor for a municipal gummint involving building maintenance.We were so short of help when no one was available I would operate a manual elevator in city hall.Of course there werer slow times and during that time I would have reaping know what I usually had,of course...the Shot Gun News!
    Now some times folks would get on and check it out,some,although not presently firearm owners would say"You know,I think I will take a class and get a gun for protection."
    Well,as is bound to happen a couple of women got on and one of them was talking about her new .357 magnum when the little wienie got on that hates guns,saw the SGN,heard them talking guns and flew into a rage screaming literally that all guns should be "taxed out of existance".
    When they got to their floor each of the women grabbed an arm and escourted him off the elevator!I thought it was great!
    I kept leaving the SGN on the little stool for all to see,especially the wienie,but he started taking the stairs when he saw me on the elevator,I figured either he was embarresed,not likely,or he thought it would hurt my feeling,really unlikely,Ha,Ha!:nod: :D
  14. Chris

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    Thats pretty funny there Rave!

    Dale, kinda sad, to hear that, but something has to wake america up and let everyone realize that.