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    Hi… I don’t know if any body can really answer this question… I am going to be moving to an upstairs apartment and I was a little concerned if it would hold the weight of my gun safe… It weighs 850lb with nothing in it… I figure when it is full that it weighs at least 1300 to 1500 pounds… does anyone have any experience with this…? Noel
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    I think most upper floors are only rated at a Max of 250 lbs/sq. ft.
    I wouldn't put a safe that heavy and loaded up there unless it was centered
    over a Load bearing wall....if then...

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    I came across another site where they were saying that water beds weight 3 or 4000 pounds and that you never hear of one falling through...
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    How big are water beds ? 6'4 X 5 = 32 square ft. x 250 lbs.= 8000 lbs Capacity... A queen size mattress hold 160 gallons X 8.345 Lbs.=1335.2 Lbs of water weight....
    Water beds weigh less than 2000 lbs total spread over a large surface area...
    Get the picture ?
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    ^+1 i think the moose is correct on both accounts.
  6. Yes to Mooseman

    It is about how wide the load is distributed.
    A bulldozer is very heavy yet it seldom sinks
    to the frame as the weight is distributed over the
    large area of the tracks. A woman in spiked high heels
    puts a great deal of force on the bottom of the spike
    as it is a very small area. In fact, this situation can
    lead to little indentions in poor quality asphalt.
    The same reasoning applies to a gun safe which is,
    in reality, a rather small area.

    So, I would not do it. Put you safe on the lower
    level preferably on a concrete slab floor.
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    Most apartment complexes have weight limits on upstairs apts.,and most don't allow water beds or the heavier gun safes in upstairs apts.
  8. Put it in a corner if possible. Then you're guaranteed to have good floor strength. Also, you'll either need about 4 people and a furniture dolly, or 2 or 3 people and a stair climber. I say this from experience. I and my brother each bought big ones. It took 4 people to maneuver them around and get them up and or down stairs...

    As for apartments and what they allow and don't allow, I say what they don't know won't hurt them. Another reason I hate apartments. Pay all that money only to be told what you can and can't do... Move it in at night, be as discrete as possible and who cares what they think. Put it in a corner as I suggested.
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  9. Be careful with who you share information on your guns and safe. Use trusted frieds to move the safe, not a movng company. Move the guns in something that doesn't look like a gun. Movers should be a last resort. They would never tell anyone about your big safe . . . .