Gun safety 101: Empty your weapon before class

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  1. Shooting instructor looking at new pants, assignment after gun gaffe

    NEW BEDFORD, Mass. - A firearms instructor in southern Massachusetts has been assigned to other duties after his gun accidentally went off while he was teaching a class on weapons safety.

    Officials said the Glock handgun discharged while Maj. Donald Lamar was demonstrating to Bristol County deputy sheriffs how to safely holster the weapon.

    The bullet ripped a hole in Lamar's pants but missed his leg and foot.

    Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said the officer made a "gross error in judgment" by not emptying the weapon before the class last week.

    Lamar, a certified firearms instructor since 2005, was transferred to another division and will not carry a firearm while the incident is being investigated.
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    dang, almost another candidate for the darwin awards 08, but he just barely missed!

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    And he did it with a Glock? Was his finger on the trigger or something? Aren't Glocks pretty much immune to slamfires? Not to mention lacking an external hammer.


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    Not sure, but every glock I have rented (19, 22, and whatever model the .45 is) has had the trigger safety, so yeah you had to pull the trigger to even disengage the safety. LOL
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    I haven't heard of any AD/ND's on a Glock where the trigger wasn't depressed in some way.

    That's its weakness (or strength) -- a Glock'll consistently go bang if the trigger gets depressed. The trigger has that partial safety in it, but trigger pressure is a bit lighter than some DAO's; this isn't an excuse for carelessness, though. Glocks (like any modern firearm) are plenty safe when properly handled.

    The more I read and see stuff, the more I'm convinced that CCW holders enjoy a safety record equal or greater to that of LEO's and the military. This gives further creedence that one shouldn't be barred from CCW anywhere because of concerns of "safety" or "accidents" -- CCW holders are probably safer than the "pros" in many regards.
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    lol troy2000 I guess guns are just too dangerous even for the police!!!
  8. I never understood what part of "First unload the firearm" dont people get.
  9. Lot of Police carry them.

    That was a stupid mistake.
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    So much for the Ten Commandments of firearm safety