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Gun Shop Find: Marlin 357 Levergun

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Seen one at Gun World for $320ish or so in excellent used condition with a Simmons scope.

Prices on Gunsamerica are 300ish, so this is certainly more economical, especially with the scope, which I may remove and use elsewhere (though I have scopes that aren't on rifles already.)

Been thinking of a 357 levergun for fun plinking, ie loading up 38 specials for fun and 357s for extra fun, home defense, or hunting whitetail or smaller in PA. Also wondering if it could be safely rechambered to 357 Maximum.

Good idea, bad idea?
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BRG is this a carbine (I'm guessing yes)? I got mine in 44M locally for almost the same price last year without a scope. Me likey Marlins - should've put a tang sight on instead of a scope :hmmm:
I like Marlins too, just a mild leaning over Winchester, which I still respect. The 357s seem to go for more, probably less popular, and less used ones on the market. Might get this one...
They are good guns BRG!
I'm debating whether to snatch up the Marlin or save up for a higher capacity Win 94 in 357 that due to its length might be able to be rechambered to 357 Maximum while the Marlin (as I've learned) cannot be. Wondering how serious I'd actually be about doing the 357 Max job and if I really want the huge Winchester version.
I'm debating:
Win 94 24" barrel, 12rd tube ($485 MSRP, $425 at


Marlin 1894C 18.5" barrel, 9rd tube (used with scope $320)
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If you want a brush gun which is compact & handy go with the second. I have the 1894C - I actually keep that loaded with hollowpoint as a pretty good capacity defensive weapon. But I want to get the full rifle someday :nod: I'm sure it's more accurate & that is a great price too (too bad everyone local is anal about doing transfers).
My buddy has the EMF 1892 carbine, in .357Magnum. A very nice shooter, deadly accurate up to 100 yards! It likes my .357Magnum handloads too! :)
2000FPS with minimal recoil - nice!
I reccomend the Marlin. Not that you would need to, but with the side angle ejection, you can mount a scope. The parts on the Marlin are really tough, except for the firing pin. Just avoid dry firing.
The good news is you cannot go wrong with either.
The Marlin has an advantage in that you can readily mount a scope on it (do you really need one for .357?). However, the 357 max conversion is intriguing. If you are sure that both you and the gun are up for it, I say get the Winchester and go for it!
The used Marlin for $320 comes with a scope...
357 Maximum conversion ...

The .357 Maximum is an especially intriguing thought.

If you try to do it, post about it, as the project advances.

I'm wondering if I would really follow through on the rechambering and if I'd actually want a gun that big. Due to proximity, I'm leaning towards the local Marlin if it's still there.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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