Gun Show excitement today!

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  1. Went to the local gun show today and was talking to a dealer friend when a semi-loud BANG went off 3 rows over! Some yelling and then all quiet.

    Found out a buyer picked a plastic bag of old shotgun shells off a dealer's table and one fell through a hole in the bag abd hit the floor just right to set off the primer. Booth two up dealer told me the shot went all over but no one was hurt as it had no power to the explosion.

    The cops did escort the dealer out of the building.

    That was about it for excitement for me. I paid $7.00 to get in and sold a $3.00 ammo can (bad shape), but bought nothing. Was looking for 10mm factory loads but found only Personal Protection rounds.

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    That's not the kind of excitement I hoped to read about but I'm glad no one was hurt.

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    I was in Lakeland Civic Center Gun show in Florida years ago when some Bozo tried to chamber a round of wrong ammo in a gun and it went off, shooting a hole in the ceiling...the roar of several thousand people went so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Thank goodness nobody got hurt.
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    Thank God, no one was hurt!
  5. I guess maby they should have escorted all the dealers who had live ammo out lol, I dont see why they escorted him out cause a round fell on the floor....that could have happened to any one there.

    Glad no one was hurt, could have been bad.
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    Saw thousands of rounds dropped on the floor and elsewhere,all kinds.Never saw one go off.Maybe they should have given the dealer some kind of medal for finding a way to do it.
  7. That would make a good Glad Bag commercial. All is well!
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    I was at a gun show in Texas and a guy was showing someone how to load a black powder rifle. Put the cap on it like an idiot and BOOM! I am surprised no one was hurt. Rifle was pointing towards the concrete floor. After the dealer was escorted out and others cleared his booth for him, I went over to see the bullet mark on the floor. Pretty impressive.