Gun show finds today for Gas Trap

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stock Doc, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. Stock Doc

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    Well all in all I had a good day finding some Gas Trap parts and also have some I have aquired the last week. I also found a very nice very early WRA barrel with early features and what appears to be upside down hand stamped early trigger guard which are all going on my Educational Winchester. Also the barrel shown is not the WRA it is a speacial one????? I think I am gonna have to sell some of my Garands to pay for this expensive venture on 9989 . Sacrifice the normal Garands for the rare ones hehehehehe. I think I will have a nice display when I do the OGCA shows once a year. Rick B


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  2. Great find! I'm still concerned with going BOOM 8 times. Still trying to buy/trade a coworker for an SA in the 60.000 range that was reasenaled in 64 with the amorers initials.

  3. Stock Doc

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    That would have the Keystones I think if it was new. Mine is not going to be shot just enjoyed for display. Maybe I will try it one day but no reason or want to at this point. Rick B
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    Nice, Rick! Man, I'm bummed, I just missed a two day gun show in Danbury, CT this past weekend... One of these days I'll find a show and hopefully come up with a bunch of spare parts like you did.
    I'll have to get to one of those GCA conventions - just to see your collection and say hi of course. :)
    Going to the range today with my dad. We'll have '42, '43 and '44 SAs with us. :)
  5. DocCombat

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    Too bad you missed the Danbury show, that is usually a good show. Picked up a really nice 03A3 Remington there at a very good price. Every time I take it out someone wants to buy it.
    I havent been able to make it up there in a couple of years, with deployments. And I dont think I'll be up that way in the near future buy the looks of things. But try to make the next one you will not be disapointed.