Gun show in Centralia this weekend

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    For any of you that live near/around Centralia, WA, there is a gun show at the fair grounds in the Pavilion. Admission $5. Don't need to have a membership card or anything like the WAC. Anyways, thats how it was a couple months ago when I was there. I would assume it hasn't changed.

    This link should take you to the website that lists Centralia fairgrounds events for more info. There seems to be one once a month.
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    Come on down Swede! You can help me pick out a nice K31 I hope I find there :)
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    My hopes and dreams of being an owner of a Swiss K31 were hopelessly smashed today because I never found one. On the good side of the news, I did get my C&R FFL paperwork today. But I did have an old woman be an Ahole to me today.

    I was about ready to leave, and I was looking at a nice war-era Walther P38 at a neighboring table for $550. I was sooo close to buying it, but I didn't want to blow $550 today on a pistol. I wanted my K31. But back on track. I went down a couple more tables and saw another post-war P38 with an alloy frame for $375. I picked it up and was looking at it. The rules say there has to be a zip-tie or something of that nature making any firearm unable to fire. Well the trigger was zip tied all the way back, so I couldn't see how it fired. Normally on a gun like that it might be threaded through the barrel, so it won't go fully to into battery or have a round load in it. Anyways, I racked the slide back and forth, not hard, and not all the way back either, and I didn't let it snap forward, I was just feeling how smooth it was, and testing it for slide play on the frame. I did that 4 or 5 times. Well she heard me do that and wasn't too happy about it.
    She came over, and looked at me and asked me, "Is that wise?"

    I kind of looked at her like a deer in the headlights because I had no idea wtf she was talking about. I thought maybe she was going to ask me about the way the trigger was pinned all the way back or something.

    I said, "Is what wise?"

    She said, "Moving the slide a dozen times like that."

    I said, "Well, thats what happens when it shoots." And I'm thinking, I didn't do it a dozen times......

    She said, "Well its not yours."

    I just kind of looked at her and said, "Well its a lot worse than what I was doing when it shoots."

    I said, "Well how am I supposed to know if I want to buy it if I can't move the slide like that to see if its got any play or other malfunctions?"

    I can understand her getting a little tore up if I were racking it back and forth hard, letting it snap back into battery from its full rearward position 4 or 5 times. I just set it back down and she turned around and muttered something. I told her I was interested but it was overpriced. She told me to go to wallyworld. I said I'd probly get a better deal there anyways lol. Oh that old lady.........She looked like she was 75. If I see her at the next one, I bet she doesn't remember me. Maybe her gun will be less. LOLOLOL
  5. Best to ask if you can "Look at the gun" before you pick it up at gun shows. If they say no to me I almost will run from their POS's. If you cant look at them before buying they usually have something wrong with them in my experience. But I always ask first then the honest dealers dont have any problems.
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    Yea, I thought about asking. But she saw me walk up and I reached for it slowly. She had her chance to stop be before I got to it. But I hate when people put signs on their table and not on their guns, because I don't normally look for signs when I am looking for guns. I mean, its a gun show, not a sign show. I was thinking about that today as I was walking around. Seems to me I can't remember any ask first signs....I saw one guy get mad at a show in Puyallup one time. He started tapping his table when someone picked up a gun. Then he said hey read the sign. Everyone is different I guess. I have kind of noticed that its the older people that want you to ask before handling. Her husband was sitting at their table too. I don't think he heard what we were talking about anyways lol