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  1. Saw something neat at the gun show yesturday and I need your help to figure out what.

    What I could figure was a 12 gauge shotgun, looks like it held five-ish rounds. Had two or three threaded screw holes in the top with a screw flat and flush with the rest of the receiver just a straight slot to back them out if you wanted to use them. Short barrel, looked like it was about the legal limit, had a pistol grip that looked like it would be wonderful in my hand.....and now the hard part: it was either an auto loader or the pump grip was short action. It was almost touching with the front of the shell feed area and looked like if it was a pump you'd only have to move it a few inches to work it, as ya do.

    Now I wasn't able to get a closer look as I saw these things from about ten feet away and closing as someone was buying it and the wonderous thing found its home into a gun sock.

    Trying to find out myself but any help would be nice! What auto loaders in the five shot range can accept a pistol grip OR what shotguns have that short action pump...thingie. To give a clue I thought it was a Mossberg 930 until I found out there was a buffer tube in the stock of that so no pistol grip there.

    Edit: Ah nother bit of help, I don't know if others see the Brownells Accessorize your shotgun add from time to time on this site but take that shotgun, move the shoulder stock and remove the magazine tube extension then cut the barrel off there and you've got the idea.
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    OK. So now you have narrowed it down to about 125 makes and models !! Next time, take a pic please !!

  3. Heh, well as it was stuffed into a gun sock and in general I think cell phone photography is frowned upon in such cases I was out of luck.

    Either a model with a short action or an auto loader that does not have a buffer tube and allows for pistol grip.