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Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by franchi, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Last night i was at the bi annual Knob Creek machine gun shoot. During the shoot they have a rather large gun show type event going on, but most sell class 3 items. One guy had a rack of WWII rifles. a few K31s and a K31 sniper for well over $2000 when the parts did not match. and then there was this pittiful looking M38 for sale. he wanted $1000!!!!! how do people expect to sell at that? it wasnt even a hex reciever..
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    They sell stuff like that because they seem to eventually find a sucker that will pay that.

  3. You should have asked him if he wanted to buy a few.
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    gan said it best they expect to find the idiot the one person that doesnt research before they buy.
  5. I would have asked him why it is so expensive.

    I have on many occasions found dealers that knew what a particular rifle or pistol was, but nothing more than that. I guess they look on GB and get a quick price range and move on.

    $1k for a M38, он является сумасшедшим
  6. At the gunshows I've attended the active phrase is: "Let the buyer beware".
    For example: I was at a gun show in Houston many years ago, and at one booth the guy had a single military chevron displayed in a glass case. It was a three stripe Sgt. chevron with a T below it. The guy said it was a Rare Texas Army patch, and he has a price of $750 on it.
    When I was a kid, I had a whole junk box full of those chevrons. They were not rare at all, as they were technecian stripes that were in use from WWII through Korea and later.

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    yep like my step dad told me for every one or two good dealers at a gunshow there going to be 8 or 9 bad ones just looking to make a quick buck.
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    LOL Thats right! Tell the vender you have a couple of M38's that you will wholesale to him for a mere $300 each, since he's sure to sell out. See what his reply is to that.;)
  9. What? You've never heard of the rare full-auto M38? LOL.
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    Only full auto bolt action ever made! An 11 on a rarity scale of 10!!!

    Step right this way ladies and gentleman. See the wild man of Borneo. He walks, he talks, he crawls on his belly like a reptile. Six arms four legs, and no butthole.

    Lady: No butthole, how does he take a dump?

    He don't lady, that's what makes him so WILD!
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    True story. My ex wifes great great great uncle P. T. Barnum said "There is one born every minute." I proved it when I married her!
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    I had to laugh and walk away when a vendor was showing a Winchester M1 Carbine with a type 3 Bayonet lug sporting a Type 1 sight and he told the guy it "Came from the factory that way"...
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    Something else you have to think the occasional stupid one that may be selling an original Mosin Sniper with the PU scope and everything for the price of a standard M91/30. Which I hope to run into when the gun show comes around here in November.
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    Better yet, let's have the both of us sit and smoke up what you were on till next November!
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    I had a vender ask me if I wanted to buy a 91/30 that was used by Stalin's personal guards? I asked him 2 questions.

    1: Wheres the paperwork?
    2: Will you take a magic rock for trade?

    Needless to say, everyone in a 5-10 foot radius busted out in laughter. The vendor was pissed, but at least everyone else got a good laugh.

    I play it safe. The one thing I wont buy from a gun a gun. Parts and accessories, sure, but not guns......ever.
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    Hey, shut up....a man can dream.....
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    Belitteling is just what he does . Ignore him and enjoy the board .
  18. Caveat Emptor!

    I don't know all there is to know about Mosins that's for sure BUT before I bought one I went out and did a ton of research. Thanks to all the guys here and on other places I was able to make an informed choice. These guys are looking for the first time buyer, The ones who've been watching all the You Tube videos with the big fireballs and they've got the I want one syndrome. These vendors know that they'll never see the guy again after his purchase so they really don't care that much about spinning yarns about rifles. It's like a used car salesman on the tiny car lot. You know the story this Mosin was own by a little old Russian who used it only on Sunday's to shoot Nazis'. And those were only 100 yards away.

    Anyway in some ways it's the buyers own fault. These less than honorable sellers are out to make a buck and that's all. But no one told them they had to buy it.

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