Gun Show Report..Am I just cheep???

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Ok Just got back from the Gun show in Melbourne FL...near my house. In any case the more I looked the more I wanted to ask the vendors if they smoked crack before they come up with the prices. I seen a lot of Turkish Mausers (SOG charges $39.00) when I asked they said they wanted between $150 - $175...some of them still had the CIA tags on the trigers and cosmolin filled barrells. 1 vendor wanted $30 for a beat up turkish mauser stock. Same went with M44 Mosens...$150 or more....uncleaned. I went realy looking for a deal on a 22 for my youngest daughter...but people (4 vendors) wanted $160 for a USED Marlin Modle 60....Not a bad deal since they go for $110 NIB at Wal-mart. The list goes on and on...things like T-shirts $19.95 or WOLF 7.62x39 20 round box for $6.00 I did not realy look at pistols and dont know a good / bad deal for a Glock so I cant comment on that...but If they are marking up a $50 Mosan to $150 then Im sure the other stuff was out of line as well.
    Ok before someone slams me for not supporting my local gun store let me say that I do buy my weapons at the same store I have since I was 16 and purchased reloading equiptment...Oaks Trading Post...which closes at the end of this month. Also I realize that people need to eat, pay bills ect and that to do that need to make a problem...but In not going to bite the big one just so someone who sells his/her stuff off a table from show to show...Actualy that would HURT my local gun store..hard to compare over head between the 2.
    Im just currious has anyone else see this type of priceing at the shows? I never been to a small show before and will not go back to the local show...Ill go back to the big one in Orlando..
    Just curious?
    Bob Wolfley
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  2. Shaun

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    Oh yes I saw the pricing was through the roof on the last show I went to about three years ago an these days I don't bother because I know what I can actually get things for. Its amazing once you get to know how to shop for our toys that we know where the real deals are. I think the shows are depending on the novice shooter and thats the problem.


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    I am fortunate enough to live in a military town filled with gunshops. The locals that are serious into guns do well and have fair pricing and most all of them are pawn shops. Some of the minor pawn shops fall into the category of what you were describing. I have actually seen mosins coated and pitted in rust for sale for 100$. Our gunshows here are usually pretty good and fair on the price. We do not seem to have a high demand on bolt actions mostly they sell the semi auto stuff. There are always one or two guys who thinks their crap better than the next guy who buys them from the same wholeseller but it seems that what you have is a little unusual.

    Remember those guys must be getting what they are asking or else they wouldn't be so high.
  4. Chris

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    Well Gun Shows them selves, lately to the ones I have been to in one work, suck. So dealers have to raise prices to cover the cost, and dealers tables have gone up an extra 5-20 dollars depending on the show vender.

    Also lately since 9/11 things just have sky rocketed, because shows were fantastic, and people raised the prices, supply and demand, and some people just like to take advantage of people some times.
  5. Rave

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    I still go to gun shows,mainly to see unlicensed dealers and what they have,I know McCain hates me,but I will not submit to NICS.
    You can still get guns at a decent price if you shop around a bit and you can trade and also get some real bargains from private sellers after they have been insulted buy the licensed dealers trying to rip them off!
    I know that you can sometimes get a pretty good deal from the Shotgun News if you have a good dealer,I used to do that before NICS,but the times have changed.
    All in all I believe it is true that a lot of the gun shows life off of the unknowledgeable.I also know if that traitor McCain gets his way the price of guns will probably triple,no compitition don't ya know!
    I see hard times ahead if the American people don't pull their heads out!!!!!!!!!!!
    OK Wes,you can slam me now,HEH,HEH,just kidding!
  6. wes

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    Totally agree with you Rave,I go to shows and very seldom see any bargains. Couple of weeks ago I looked at a Plainfield M-1 carbine,they wanted $180.00 for,looked like it had sat in saltwater for a year,not even the stock was decent. Couldn't believe it.
  7. Chris

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    Well I think people go to Gun Shows thinking they will get a great deal, when it is really there to offer a wider selection of goods. Not all the time better but different.
  8. Shaun

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    I agree Rave nothing better than using those two undocumented transfers per year I talked to several guys at the range yesterday and one paid over 100 for a M44 that looked like it got drug behind a trunk. of course he told me about the deal he got on the preban Colt AR would you believe 500 bucks from a friend
  9. PAPA G

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    same kinda stuff at the local gun show, high prices junk and the unattainable. guys go in to wheel and deal, take that old gun off you its dangerous, for a song won't pay the asking price, but i gotta friend who can get it cheaper etc. but its the best fun going around here. want to start something pick up a piece, look around than ask the seller if he's spotted the BATF yet!!!! the reactions are priceless!!!!
  10. wes

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    Next time I'll have to ask if they have senior Al Quida discounts.
  11. Doglips

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    You guys have a warbed sense of humor...Course dressing like the Men in Black and keep asking if the seller has BAFT form 1234.54 and then repeat the answer into you cuff link would cause stress. Or if you get a good deal yell ALA be Praised, the infadels will suffer the wrath of my boom stick.
    A Friend of mine got in BIG trouble when he went through the Airport screening and when he got just past the metal dectors said Praise ALA I am comeing to meet you....can we say super duper searchy searchy. Me Im always tempted to look at the female screaner and say something like I hope the 72 virgins look/dont look like you.
  12. MangesMade

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    Better watch out, seems as though the Al Quida's have been misunderstanding about the 72 Virgins, When some of them got to Heaven, they were directed to the room where there were 72 Virginians waiting for them.
  13. Doglips

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    OUCH !!!!! :) I guess a psycologist would say they become anel retentive.
  14. Robert

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    Doglips, you need to go the last afternoon and stay later. They dont want to pack any of that stuff up and take it home. It is just like a yard sale. If you are the first one there, he aint gonna take five dollars off. If you go when he's cleaning up, he might just give it to you for nothing.
  15. Big Dog

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    Seems the day of the $50 .22 rifle is over. I walked away with disgust after seeing a not-so-old Marlin 60 for $140. And not even stainless, come on, guys! The last two shows were so bad my two favorite vendors didn't even set up. I walked in, and wondered where everybody was. Plenty of people walking around, but precious little buying. Not a lot of choice. Turk 8mm in bandoliers - $10 each. A nice but not great Swiss K31 - $199. Saiga .308 for $650. No reloading stuff at all. Too dear for my wallet. Where's my SOG and CAI catalogs?
  16. Jim Messer

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    At our local shows here in Texas there are lots of the stuff all the guys have described going on. Some of the BIG FFL dealers that set up have gotten mad at each other over prices and will not attend if a certain DEALER is attending. They say they just make any money if that DEALER is attendiing. I think it is a lot of fun to go real early Saturday morning and watch the INDIVIDUAL DEALERS try to make a quick pass through the gun show to see what everyone has marked on their guns. You can go by a table and see a Glock for $489.00 then come back around and it is marked to $650.00 like all the other DEALERS. The guy that had his for $489.00 would have probably sold it. They all took them home for $650.00. It has gotten to be just a flea market. If you see a good deal on anything you had better check it over REAL good because it is probably all screwed up. The real FFL DEALERS can't wait for the day when INDIVIDUAL NON FFL DEALERS are a thing of the past. Gun shows will be just like going to a big gun shop. All the prices will be the same. They will have you over a barrel. If you want it you will pay the price. I keep hearing some of them saying it will be great for their business when even private individuals can no longer sell a gun without going through a dealer. They can more or less set their price on the paperwork. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
  17. WildBill

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    The gun shows in our area have really gotten bad just like you guys have been discussing. They only reason I attend one now is to purchase gun powder and primers. The UPS shipping charges for small amounts of either will make you hurl! By the way, found a very nice M1 carbine at a local gun store that I would like to add to my collection but don't want to part with $800.00 this month! The divorce lawyer would cost me even more money.
  18. PAPA G

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    i read other posts and at other sites about the great deals found at the gun shows and pawnshops. that has not been my experience at all. or maybe i live in the wrong area!!!!:rolleyes:
  19. colt45

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    I have been going to the gun shows in the western end of NY for some time now and its all over not just FL.
    I have seen every thing from $150 H&R 12ga. to $300 mausers without matching numbers.
    the same vendors with the same over priced crap and some real nice colectables at five times the book price.
    A feind of mine just bought out a gunshop and refuses to go to gun shows because he sells more guns when the shows are going on to guys that went to the shows saw the glock17 with one mag and scratches all over it for $650 and got discusted and came in to the shop on his way home and bought a new glock 17 with two mags right out of the box for $509 plus tax.
    he sells on average 6 to 8 hand guns and 10 to 12 long guns every time there is a show within 25 miles.
  20. Chris

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    Well Gunshows are great sometimes, just got to watch yourself.

    But in my expierence, this one this guy sent his wife to "spy" on the competition and she would radio to him the prices. It was so funny, so this guy marked this one gun up to 1200, and the guy's wife had 600 on his and the guy soon enough put 1000 on it, and made another sign, "Cheaper than the other guys, and we prove it to you!"

    I found that so funny.