Gun Show Report: M1 Tanker

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. BattleRifleG3

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    I saw my first Tanker Garand at the gun show yesterday. It looked interesting, as it lacked a forward handguard and had more of the piston/rod exposed. It was made by National Ordnance and the condition seemed decent. What surprised me was the price: $495. Less than I paid for my full length Springfield, of course mine was of much higher quality.
    Does this sound like a steal, fair, or bad price? I'm not in the market, but I occasionally hear people talk about how special it is. Caliber is 30-06.

    If anyone's interested I have contact info.
  2. Stock Doc

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    In the 30-06 it can be rough but fun. I hae a auto ordance set up I put on a receiver and it shoots great. Mine is in 308 so it is calmer. That price is worth it as far as I am concerned. The normal price is $700.00 up north here. Mine has a small guard on it and I had to modify the lower band so the op rod would work. The rod almost touches the barrel at this point so I cut out the center section. They look better with the guard on. Rick

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    Would by any chance that was at the PGCA show at the Monroeville ExpoMart? I did see a National Ordnance Tanker yesterday there. I noticed your post lists you as being in PA - I'm here in Pittsburgh. Just curious...

    joe l.
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    For what it may or may not be worth , Federal Ordinance has a bad reputation , so do tankers .

    God Bless
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    Yep, it was PGCA. I was impressed by how much of the old stuff they had again. Not sure if it was all officially allowed, but I think bulk ammo was the shoe in the door. Almost bought a block of 30-06 and 308, but picked up a bipod for GunGeek instead. Next time...
  6. Stock Doc

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    Mine is a Auto Ordinance and the reason it works is the barrel is cut proper, the gas cylinder was enlarged and op rod piston is larger. The spring and follower rod are modified properly. Most of the others just did not modify all of the parts let alone correctly but Auto Ordnance did a excellent job. I bought all of there parts and put it together myself with a CMP receiver. It works flawlessly without one problem yet not even minor trouble so far. It is like anything else,, you need to know what you are getting into before you buy one. I see barrels and op rods on Ebay all the time. These will not work but people keep passing them around and by the time someone builds one it is to late to complain that it doesn't work to the seller and they pass them off onto someone else who finds it doesn't work after a sneaky gun show sales.
    The neat things is when one is up for sale it seems the owners allot of times say in there add" Never fired" well this is a sign that it doesn't work and they figure you will tinker with it long enough to not complain. If the way my parts are was copied you would have a perfect working Tanker. I can post pictures, in fact I may do that to help people get a idea of what they need to get one that should work. Rick B
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    I have a Tanker that was fabricated by Federal Ordinance (now outta business).
    They took a Springfield receiver, and built up a bargan basement short Garand. The op-rod was chopped and barrel replaced.
    It took several years of tinkering and parts swapping to get the rifle to function 100%. I had to shorten a regular front handgard to fill the gap between the gas cylinder and rear handgard, etc....
    In all, I could have had a lot nicer Garand for the time and money I put into this short version.
    Good luck.