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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Sep 21, 2002.

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    I saw several specimens of the Sigma and am glad you all informed me of how much it SUCKS. 15rd 40 cal capacity looked pretty good, but looking more closely I saw nearly every frame looked bent near the front. Apparently being fired isn't something they were built for.
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    Well they're not that darn bad, but I wouldn't trust one completely. They will fire, But I can't guarentee the frequency...


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    I'd buy one for a decent price(I.E. DIRT CHEAP) just to plink around with, but I surely wouldn't trust it with my and mines lives!
  4. The S&W V40 I have (forerunner of the Sigma series) is a decent enough of a gun.

    I once said it is not one of my favorites by any means but in all fairness I can't see any bend, wear or any other deformity with the lower slide rails, etc.

    The V40 is about as accurate a gun as anyone could expect but my issues with the gun are:

    1. it has molded plastic grips that are part of the one piece molded lower half, and, as far as I know, you can't do anything with in terms of putting on different grips.

    2. it has a plastic two stage trigger and to me a plastic trigger is a trigger just looking to break.

    3. the lower half of the gun is one piece molded plastic and in terms of a handgun I always have shuddered at the idea of plastic in any gun. It just seems contraindicated.

    4. the trigger pull in the DA is far, far to long for me.

    5. having a lot of plastic the gun recoils up and back much more than an all metal gun would. This makes double taps, for me, nearly impossible considering the time it takes for target acquisition after the first shot.

    6. lastly, and MOST important to me, it doesn't give me the level of confidence I like in my guns.

    This same gun might just be the 'cow's cream' to someone else but for me, it lacks too much for me to recommend or endorse it.
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