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  1. Well.... I went to the gun show yesterday, and I'll probably kick myself for awhile. I walked away from something, that I shouldn't have, only because I knew there would be trouble with the missus if I came home with another rifle. I was just looking for a sling, possible Pattern 1907 bayonet, and literature on the No. I Mk III. Lithgow I just got. I was pretty much at the last table in the last row, and he had a sling which I ended up buying. He also had laying on the table there a Hungarian M98/40 that was all matching, with waffenampts. The only drawback was that bubba got a hold of it, and sporterized the stock. The receiver had not been tapped for a scope. We were talking about it, and the tag on the trigger guard said $500.00. As we're talking, he says to me that the price just dropped to $350.00. I wanted to rip my hair out. Even at that price, there was no way I would be able to justify it to the missus, especially since I have 2 recent rifles that I've picked up this year, and haven't shot them yet. Please... tell me how much I passed up on a score....:34:
  2. Can always find a stock. I would have sold a kidney.

  3. For get he Gun and please your wife. You can dang near go broke buying guns even though certain guns only come around ever so often, we can't always have them.
    We have to pay the light bill, buy grocerys and need I mention GAS ? LOL

    I've bought 2 guns that my wife doesn't know about and to be honest it's not right to keep stuff from your wife.
    As stupid as this may sound I've got the 2 guns hid because I don't want to hear the truthful comment's she would say. Which would be.....

    Why did you buy that, whats wrong with your other guns. Your truck needs new tires.
    Did you notice what gas went up to today. The house needs painting. LOL women !
  4. I know how you feel, I passed up some brand new DPMS panther AR's for $600. I told myself I'd find them again at another show. Guess what... never have...
  5. I passed on an IHC Garand for $600.
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    i have those conversations with MYSELF!
    me- i need to insulate the shed
    other me- i want that gun

    it's about 50/50 how it turns out.
    but after missing out on a killer deal on a highly desirable rifle yesterday.
    the gun nut billy is going to start winning more often.

    i shoulda gone straight over to that guys house with 1200 bucks and i would be sitting pretty right now.
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  7. think how I feel I never thought rack grade M-1 Garands would get higher than 250.00(wholesale) then along came the 1990's and whammo. That 250 dollar price was in the early nineties but I wont say what year things changed. Who remembers the L1A1's for 175.00(wholesale). Same time frame. I probably made some retailers real mad.
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    I just wanted to comment .... never walk away from a deal you may regret walking away from later. If the missus was upset, you could of resold it, no?
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