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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JoeM, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. JoeM

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    I will attend the Albuquerque Gun Show this weekend. (oct 2-3) It's being held at the Fair Grounds. Has anyone gone to these shows before? I hope that it's not the usual more knives than anything else.
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    Been there a number of times, pickup ammo and goodies; however, no weapons. There was a Yugo Sniper rifle, numbers matched awhile ago; but, the wife said no to any former East Bloc weaponary.

    More guns and goodies, than knives. Just watch the prices, some will sell very high compared to what the market rate is running. In December 09, I picked up a S&W MP 15-22 for $450 after taxes. Three months later, the same type of MP 15-22 without the muzzle was selling at the show for $650.

    I am going too it, wife is not too happy with me on the matter, since she will be at work.

  3. JoeM

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    Swiss k-31

    I went to the Gun Show and really enjoyed it. Vendors were easy to talk to and there was a good balance Guns/Ammo/knives. Many vendors had the Mosin Nagant and the SKS. Prices for these C&R's were all over the place but showed that they are starting to get over priced. I couldn't find a Swiss-31.
    Maybe it's time to buy one before they get scarce.
    Ron Pedersen had a big table and one vendor selling surplus cloths had a large selection.
    I'm going back Sunday to snag a bargain.