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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, Sep 26, 2002.

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    GunGeek occasionally asks me what his next GunGoal should be. Believing that everyone needs a 308 battle rifle, I suggested the big 4: AR-10, M1A, G3, and FAL, and their many relatives.

    Today he noticed the CETME and L1A1 in Centerfire and is interested in one, I told him FAL was a better rifle. Besides, there's already a G3 between the two of us. Of course a FAL is something I'd love to have too, but haven't been able to justify it since I already have my G3. But I've always wanted to shoot one and maybe even build one.

    I've seen the ads from SOG, Centerfire, and FAC, and I do notice a few differences, mainly the front handguard. But what differences are there and what's important? I basically know that the Inch and Metric are different and some parts interchange, some don't. What I'm wondering is whether there's a distinct difference between parts used in their construction.

    Next I'm wondering if it might be the best idea to build one in order to ensure proper fit, function, and accuracy. In that case, I'm wondering what receivers and parts kits would be good choices. Basically wanting to spend as little as neccessary, but of course it has to be safe and work.

    As far as my experience goes, I've taken down my guns, and am a student of Mechanical Engineering. I've done machine shop work but don't have more than a Dremel and other basic tools.

    Another thing I'd kind of like to know is the standard barrel length. Not sure about GunGeek, but I have reason for a long barrel... (see "Super Gun", Gun Room)
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    I just looked at a variety of kits and receivers. I saw an Inch and metric compatible receiver from FAC with ejector block installed for $160. Tapco has a G1 parts kit with 6 US parts to make it US compliant. So putting the two together would total $320 plus shipping and FFL fees.
    I also saw an Imbel parts kit for $100 and an Imbel receiver for $190 at FAC, and adding the same 6 parts from Tapco would cost $80. So that totals $370.

    I had the impressions that the Imbel parts and receivers were much better than the G1 parts and US receivers. It would also be nice to have a kit made for the receiver with only US parts inserted. But is it worth $50 more when it's homebuilt and you could get a complete one for a little bit more?

    I see that SOG's L1A1 has a different handguard than the one from Centerfire. Anything else different about it? I prefer the larger, smooth one but I'm not the one buying, at least not now.
    I used to see more metric FALs out there but now they all look like L1A1s, at least the low end ones.