Gunplay Turns Deadly

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  1. Fellow Shooters and Gun Enthusiast....... what are your comments on the James Brand trial, the young man accused of killing his best friend with a gun? What a tragedy for the family of the victim and for everyone involved. This is the kind of incident that really gets the anit-gun lobby people going. Accident or Homicide? Intent to commit bodily harm or careless, and poor judgement resulting in a life lost...what are your thoughts? Miss S.
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    Treat it just like you would if the kid had been driving recklessly and wrecked, killing his friend. Unless they have positive proof of intent, I'd say it's nothing more than manslaughter.

    Sad to say, but kids die everyday because of other kids, whether it's guns, knives, cars, dope, or just plain stupidity.

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    Who is James Brand? If you are commenting on a news article, please supply a link.
  4. BenP, you were right.....the jury was out an hour and found him guilty of manslaughter. ( KLAUS )...The link is He faces 30 years...he goes up on July 19th. ( KLAUS ) You can read the whole story on this page. Miss S