Guns being listed as Stainless, Rare, when it did not happen

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    Definitely nickle plated. This actually happened a lot with handguns of that era. The top thing being because they were cheap surplus post WW2 and it was also at the time consider a very durable finish.
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    Not only that, but when the REMF U.S. troops came in in to Europe in the late 1940s and 1950s the government put a kibosh on them sending military weapons back home. There was a huge grey market in Germany, Spain, France and Italy to plate pistols since plated pistols were clearly not military pistols.

    I giggle every time I see a nickle-plated "officers Luger" or "officer's C-96", but I have also seen everything from Rubys to 1892 revolvers to Hi Powers done this same way.
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    Seems Bersa nickle guns are also advertised as SS, sometime. They did make some stainless, but they were clearly stamped as being stainless.
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    It is NP3. Blowing up the photo shows an excellent finish and NP3 is the oldest and best of it's type. Back when folks wanted custom guns but stainless still had the reputation of being brittle, and I have actually seen stainless revolvers that chipped when dropped, NP3 was the solution. Here are some from the net. It is still an excellent coating for any gun.

    The cost is $350-$500. Probably worth it if you carry on salt water or remote assignment in a wet climate and are in love with your blue gun. Or just buy stainless.
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    Also, the coated guns from Astra were a dull gray in color, often called brushed nickel. They were durable and found on the A70 A75 and guns of that era that appeared to be Sig copies, DA/SA. The color on the Astras was similar to the old Colt Satin Nickel, not like the shiny smooth look in the picture at all. I will notify the Armslist seller of his error. He may have been ripped off when he bought it. He has a right to know.
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  6. The one dad has is blued
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  7. When I was young and dumd I bought a nickel plated Llama .45 acp. It was an ok shooter but not worth what I payed for it
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