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    did any one ever consider what would happen if a cop was to go crazy in a school with gis gun. down here we have cops that stay in the schools all day. one per school. and he carries his handgun . now are we supose to trust this cop with our kids ?
    the reason i bring this up is not to long ago a deputy lost it one morning. he first pulled a lady over useing his uniform and patrol car . the lady was just being a good person and pulled over. well guess what happened he raped her. now if that is not bad enough after he raped this lady he drove to a bank walk in and lined up the people in the bank . then he went down the line and said i know you . i know you .i don't know you and shot the lady piont blank in the head. then he proceded to rape the other ladies.then this is the best part he was arrested and sent to prison. while in prison he was able to get control over an oficer in the prison and raped her to. i think the cops should leave thier guns in thier car unless needed. that is for school purposes. i think zero tolerance should be that zero . now before you go ragging me out . i like guns and i think everyone should have as many as they want . but in the schools i think no gun should be in a school at all!!!!
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    One half of a percent of a bad cop should not hinder the 99 1/2 percent that do their jobs. You are lumping cops together just as the liberals lump us all together when someone goes berzerk with a gun. That ain't right son!
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  3. tommy

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    i don't think i'm lumping any one together. all i did was bring up one case. and what is wrong with that . i sure am not a liberal.and you are right 99 percent of the cops are good cops. but what about the 1 percent that are bad . do you know who they are ? well i sure don't i am not saying a cop should not carrie a gun.i am saying they should not bring it in the school. knowone should be alowed to bring a gun into the schools. this was an isolated case . and it will probably not happen again. all i am saying is zero means zero. in the schools that is (i am not a anti gunner) .
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    All of us have the potential to "lose it",it isn't something you can plan for. Doesn't matter if it's a kid with a gun,or a cop,or teacher,it's one of the things we have to live with and just hope we are prepared to deal with it ASAP. See the movie "Falling Down" sometime.
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    I believe that's one of the many reasons police officers shouldn't be alone. Not only can one stop the other, but the simple fact of being with someone can prevent someone from losing it. That way if an officer begins to show questionable behavior it can be dealt with before they flip, whether that be counseling or dismissal.
    Everyone has emotional issues. It's how they're dealt with that distinguishes responsible people from the criminally insane.

    I absolutely do not believe a policeman should be unarmed in his duties. What I think should be in the car is an AR-15 and a Remington 870 (Mossberg fan that I am).
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    The liberal mindset is "if it just saves one life." If we took every case of someone going crazy or doing something extremely perverted then we wouldn't even be allowed near pencils, pens or notebook paper in school. Do things like that happen? Yes they do. Is it that they happen so often that we should run in fear when we're near a school? Of course not. It is absolutely tragic what happened to those poor ladies but we can't run in fear from this problem. I am willing to have an armed cop in school that can shoot down some Columbine wanna bes, heck it'd be even better if they gave the teachers concealed carry permits. The fact remains that the greater good will always outway the random evil that is done.


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    Gun Laws are stupid: Do you know how many gun laws that cop broke when he raped and murdered those people and not one was a deterrant. I am a criminal as defined by the federal government because last week before I left town I picked up my son from school. I had two rifles in my car as well as the pistol I carry when I travel. Now what threat did I pose? All it would have taken is one A-HOLE cop and I would be in jail and my gun rights would be no more.

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    Its not the guns; its the people that commit the crimes.
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    Ok Tommy leave your car parked because we don't know when you Might be drinking and driving. I'm not saying it will happen just Might so turn those keys over and park it. Maybe you will maybe you won't but we need to be sure. If you don't want the officer to have a gun then you don't need the police, just hire a security guard who has less training and hasn't had the physical and mental testing that police officers get.
    When the nut comes into the school and shoots a few then the newspaper can report that because the police couldn't bring the weapons to school another dozen kids were killed.
    This isn't a flame just trying to show a different perpective.
  10. BattleRifleG3

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    I reiterate, I think assigning police in pairs would eliminate more of these events than restricting their abilities to be armed. Besides, if they can be armed anyway, someone just flipping could still get a gun and use it.

    Look at other places that have disarmed police, like England. Nuff said.
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    putting them in pairs would be a very good idea. and then them haveing a gun in the school would not bother me we don't have a bad school system here . not a lot of violence. no gangs to talk about.i am not talkin about every school around the country . if the school is bad. then yea the cops should be armed. but where it is not needed why have them.
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    i don't drink and drive rooster. i drive a beer at 11 oclock at night before i go to sleep. i am not talkin about taking guns away if you are called to school then yes you should have you'er gun on you . but if you are a cop that is just staying at the schoolall day as a guard. then why hot leave it in the car. if he needed it he could be in his car in less then a minute.he would have to go back and get his ar anyway right.if it calls for a cop to have a gun in the school then have it but if not then why have it.unless he is in a big school where he could not get to it in time then yes but around here our schools aren't that big. you can run from one side to the other in less than a minute.
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    How about this scenario... An unarmed cop sees a kid pull a gun to shoot a teacher and/or classmate(s)... the cop says freeze but has no gun... the kid shoots at the cop... the cop leaves for his car not being able to defend the kids... how many shots do you think that kid could get off before the cop gets back? How many lives could be taken in that short amount of time? Couldn't it have been prevented if the cop had his gun on him and shot the kid the moment the gun was brandished by the kid? Just a little food for thought....

  14. My opinion--If you are on duty carry a weapon. Whats the problem? How many people can die in one minute.:confused:
    Edit # 2--Why shouldn't a cop carry--the bad guys do. This thread doesn't make much sense.
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    i don't have a problem with a cop crrying his weapon. mabye puting them in pairs is the answer i don't know ?it is just around here where i live we don't have the most honorable cops that is
  16. I think the question that is on the line is--What is the worst of two evils--Some punk with a gun or an armed cop. I hate to use the word evil, but these posts make it seem so.
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    well were ****ed if we do and were ****ed if we don't . didn't mean to step on so many toes it was just a topic that i was thinking about. because of the way things are around my home . i guess you can say it is one of those have to be here situations . to see what i am talkin about. i mean think about it if you knew all this was goin on in you'er little town . what would you say.
  18. Correct sir. I wasn't there.
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    Your scenario had nothing to do with a cop on campus. You've offically pissed me off, from a cop!
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    just shows to go ya, beer and fruit-loops don't mix!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :kinky: